Washington Democrats propose their worst idea in decades

Democrat leaders are obsessed with their radical agenda. And the way they go about things is ridiculous. Now Washington Democrats have proposed their worst...

Congressional Democrat brutally attacked at press conference

Democrats are used to sending their violent mobs after others. Rarely does it ever come back to bite them. But now this Congressional Democrat was...

Democrat politician arrested for one disgusting reason

It's been a bad week for Democrat lawmakers. One Democrat has already been thrown behind bars, and another is poised to join him. And this...

Joe Biden is going to wet himself when he learns what he’s being forced to do

President Biden has a nightmare scenario for his re-election campaign. That nightmare could be coming true. Because Biden is going to wet himself when he...

Here’s how Democrats are trying to start a civil war

Americans have never been as divided as they are now. Much of that is the design of the Democrat Party. And here's how the Democrats...

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