Democrat candidate calls for horrific treatment of Trump supporters

The Radical Left is hiding their hatred for Americans less and less. But no one expected them to take things this far. And a Democrat...

Trump endures awful setback from one radical Democrat judge

It is obvious by now that the Left hates Trump. And they have broken every rule to make sure he never sees the White...

Mass exodus from blue states spells doom for this Democrat

Americans are fleeing en masse from many radical states. And the reasoning is clear: they are sick of the oppressive regime of the Left. And...

Donald Trump has a plan in his back pocket he’s about to unleash

The radical Left is doing absolutely everything they can to lock up Trump and prevent him from taking office again. But our former president...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made one statement that shocked even Democrats

AOC is not known for being very smart or having a clue. In fact, she might be one of the dumbest representatives this country...

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