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Democrats are stunned after Joe Biden was betrayed by his own federal court

Joe Biden and the radical Left are doing everything they can to win the courts over to their side. But they weren’t prepared for...

Republicans deal historical blow to Biden and it could be the end for his whole family

The corrupt Biden family has escaped justice for a long time. But now, it seems that things might be over for them. Because Republicans have...

Garland’s recent comments have shocked even his own allies

AG Garland has been in hot water recently. And it seems like he is doing nothing to change that. But now, Garland’s recent comments...

Joe Biden struck with another crushing court loss

President Biden thinks he can do whatever he wants with no consequences. But he's been taken to court for his actions. And now Joe Biden...

Merrick Garland was sent a threat from the U.S. Senate that has him terrified

Joe Biden's DOJ head, Merrick Garland, has gone off the deep end. He's completely ignoring the law. But now Merrick Garland has been sent a...

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