Biden campaign official blew everyone’s mind with what they admitted about Kamala Harris

Everyone knows Kamala Harris is the weak link for the President Biden. Now we know why.

Because a Biden campaign official blew everyone’s mind with what they just admitted about Kamala Harris.

Usually, Democrats will go on a network like MSNBC or CNN and get fielded softball questions to make themselves and their Party look good to the viewers tuning in.

What’s funny is that somehow the Democrats have even managed to mess that up on occasion as their radicalism comes through and just puts off the average American simply catching the news in the morning or evening.

Exactly that happened this past weekend when a Joe Biden campaign official went on CNN.

Ashley Allison was brought on CNN during a segment when a panel was talking about Nikki Haley saying that Kamala Harris is unqualified to be President.

Nikki Haley was pointing out that the vast majority of Americans don’t like Kamala Harris because they view Harris as out of touch and even a little unhinged.

So it makes sense that people wouldn’t want Kamala Harris to be in a position as commander-in-chief of the United States, but that’s a real possibility if Joe Biden is reelected.

But according to Ashley Allison, Kamala Harris is simply misunderstood by the American public.

According to Allison, Harris has noted “failed” on a number of issues like immigration even though she’s the border czar.

No, instead, Harris has done quite well. Americans just don’t know it yet because they don’t like her because she’s the first black, female Vice President.

“I think that this is happening for a couple of reasons. Most people don’t know what vice president do,” Allison began.

She then said that because Harris is a “history maker” she’s an easy target for the American people.

“And now she is a history maker. She is a woman. She is a black. And it’s the easy thing to do to say, ‘She’s the attack dog, go after her.'”

Allison also tried to defend Harris’s record, saying that Kamala Harris is not to be faulted for continuing immigration crises.

“She was not put in charge of the border. She was put in charge of the root causes,” the Biden-Harris campaign staffer said.

“Everyone admits our immigration policies are in crisis. It’s not because of Kamala Harris,” she added.

Allison also made a bold prediction that Americans will like Kamala Harris more if she can get in front of more Americans on the campaign trail and boast of her supposed accomplishments. Then “you will see her numbers start to increase” according to Allison.

You can check out this clip from Allison’s appearance on CNN below:

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