Joe Biden is fighting back tears after he was smacked with this devastating report

The Biden presidency has failed. Never before has an administration shown such terrible incompetency.

And now Joe Biden is fighting back tears after he was smacked with this devastating report.

As Joe Biden mulls over whether he should run for reelection in 2024, it seems clear to anyone with two working eyes that the American people are telling him “no”.

Recent FiveThirtyEight polling averages show Biden is limping along with just a 41.9 percent approval rating – one of the worst of his entire presidency, and down 11.1 points from when he took office.

But even more damning is a damning Gallup poll that shows what the American people think our biggest problem is.

According to the poll issued Monday, Americans believe the country’s largest problem is a lack of leadership from President Biden and Congress, outperforming inflation, the immigration crisis, and the status of the economy. ​

Despite Americans’ financial woes, “the government/poor leadership” has surpassed inflation as the “most important problem facing this country today,” according to a Gallup Poll, with 21% saying so compared to 15% last year.

Last year, the top two issues were inflation and the economy, with 16% each, followed by the government (15%), immigration (8%), and unifying the country (6%). ​

Concerns about the economy have dropped 6 percentage points to 10% in the last year, while inflation has dropped one point to 15% and immigration has risen 3 points to 11%.

The percentage of Americans who named unifying the country as one of the problems remained the same.

According to the most current data, Americans’ outlook appears to have matched the slowing rate of inflation, which decreased from 7.5% last January to 6.5% in December.

The poll was conducted between January 2 and 22, when the discovery of confidential materials at Biden’s Delaware home and the House of Representatives’ protracted struggle to elect Rep. Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House dominated news.

However, the poll found that Biden’s (41%) and Congress’ (21%) approval ratings have remained essentially steady over the past year.

Republicans (24%) say “the government/poor leadership” is a bigger concern than Democrats (18%).

Republicans rank inflation and the economy as the second-most pressing issues (18%), followed by the economy (11%), morality, ethics, and the family (6%), and the federal budget deficit (5%).

Democrats prioritize inflation (11%), the economy (9%), race relations (9%), national unity (8%) and the environment (6%).

And, while Americans may be concerned about the government, the economy is not exempt.

The economy is rated as poor by 45%, fair by 38%, and good by 15%.

Only 2% rate it as excellent, a percentage that is only somewhat higher than previous year.

However, 72% predict the economy will worsen, while 22% believe it will improve.

When asked about the job market, 64% believe it is a good time to find a “quality job,” while 33% believe it is a terrible time.

Last year, 62% thought it was a nice time, while 35% said it was a horrible time.

And with Biden making clear his intention to run for a second term, buckle up America.

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