Tucker Carlson just exposed Biden’s connections to Antifa

Conservatives are sounding the alarm about lawless Antifa groups rising up. But Joe Biden hasn’t lifted a finger.

Now we know why because Tucker Carlson just exposed Biden’s connections to Antifa.

The country is being swamped by left-wing violence and terrorism.

But Joe Biden is opting to remain silent rather than denouncing this savagery.

This silence demonstrates how unconcerned Joe Biden and his allies in Washington are with this left-wing terrorism.

Every American should be alarmed by this deafening silence.

Since Antifa only wants to destroy property, hurt people, and force their communist agenda on society, they don’t really care who you vote for.

Thankfully, there are some individuals out there who are prepared to confront these thugs.

One such person is Tucker Carlson, who just blasted Joe Biden on his Fox News television program, Tucker Carlson Tonight, for his unwillingness to denounce left-wing terrorism last Monday.

Carlson said, “Antifa is the armed instrument of the permanent Democratic establishment in Washington. Their job is to mobilize when politically necessary.”

Tucker Carlson added “So with that in mind, it’s interesting to note that Antifa is back in force, and that’s probably not a very good sign for Joe Biden. If nothing else, Antifa has a solid track record of getting rid of sitting Presidents.”

Again, Tucker Carlson is entirely correct on this subject.

Because terrorist organizations like Antifa, Jane’s Revenge, and Black Lives Matter carry out the dirty work of the Left, which benefits so-called “mainstream” Democrats, they are the reason why Democrats are silent about Antifa.

Without having to do anything, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can just sit back and watch while their henchmen pillage the streets of most significant American cities and towns.

The majority of Democrats are willing to put up with this violence as long as it serves their extreme agenda—or, in some cases, defends it.

There are far too many instances of left-wing violence to mention, and there is no doubt that Joe Biden and other establishment Democrats are solely to blame.

Today’s America faces a very serious threat from left-wing terrorism, and its citizens must be ready to respond.

Thugs from Antifa won’t stop until America is destroyed and fully communist rule is established.

Given this, it is reasonable to conclude that Antifa and other organizations of a similar nature do not belong in America or American society.

Legislators and law enforcement must make it a top priority to confront and stop these terrorists.

Joe Biden’s lack of response to this matter is an absolute disgrace.

Americans need to maintain putting pressure on lawmakers, particularly Democrats, to address this crucial issue.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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