Joe Biden just did the unthinkable to an IRS whistleblower

The Biden administration is known for being vindictive. But this went way too far.

Because Joe Biden just did the unthinkable to an IRS whistleblower.

On Monday, records given to Congress revealed that all of the investigators probing into tax fraud and related offenses committed by President Biden’s son Hunter Biden had been fired.

The new whistleblower is a former IRS special agent who worked on the Hunter Biden case from the time it was initiated in 2018 until last week, when he was suddenly removed from the case for unknown reasons.

Like his superior, who will testify privately before the House Ways and Means Committee on Friday, this agent has gone public with his displeasure with the Justice Department’s handling of the probe.

In new disclosures to Congress, the two IRS whistleblowers detail lengthy charges of retaliation and say they raised concerns internally for years that the issue was being pushed under the rug.

Despite receiving millions of dollars from overseas associates who communicated with then-Vice President Joe Biden, Hunter, 53, allegedly refused to pay taxes on the money.

After the IRS supervisor in charge of the investigation since January 2020 contacted Congress on April 19 to complain about “preferential treatment” and false testimony by Attorney General Merrick Garland, he and his 12 colleagues were removed from the case.

After a heated meeting in October where IRS and FBI concerns about delay were discussed with an anonymous US attorney, new records given to Congress reveal investigators were kept out of discussions with prosecutors much earlier.

Last week, the Office of Special Counsel and the U.S. Congress received a fresh whistleblower retaliation complaint.

The newer whistleblower, who has been involved in the investigation since 2018, emailed seven high-ranking IRS officials on Thursday, including Commissioner Daniel Werfel, saying he was fired for doing the “right thing,” which he says is raising internal worries about the Justice Department “acting inappropriately.”

The government doesn’t appear to care about the human repercussions of its decisions, the agent added.

The IRS commissioner has not responded to the second whistleblower’s email despite assurances from his representatives last week that he will not react against legally safeguarded internal disclosures of misconduct.

However, the DC field office’s number two criminal investigations official chastised the agent and suggested that he may have committed a crime.

In a letter sent out on Friday, Lola Watson, the IRS’s assistant special agent in charge of the DC field office, stated, “You have been told several times that you need to follow your chain of command.”

Monday, lawyers for the first IRS whistleblower sent a letter of worry to Werfel, expressing their fear of “reprisals” that are “unacceptable and contrary to the law.”

Though congressional sources have named Hunter Biden as the subject of the IRS inquiry, neither whistleblower has done so publicly.

New documents given to congressional leaders suggest that the supervisor has been voicing concerns internally since the summer of 2020.

Newly released documents reveal that he also claims to have been the victim of retaliation in the form of January’s being passed over for a prestigious task committee in favor of a less experienced colleague.

The first leaker claims that on October 24, 2022, an assistant US attorney and a DOJ tax division attorney demanded that the IRS hand over “all his emails related to the case” and “made a similar request of the FBI.”

Supposedly, the FBI was “shocked by it, and the FBI refused.”

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