Joe Biden nearly fainted when he got this awful news

There’s an impostor in the Biden administration. The entire White House is in total panic mode.

And Joe Biden nearly fainted when he got this awful news from the NSA.

The Biden administration is currently dealing with a major intelligence leak that has the federal government in quite the frenzy.

Sensitive, highly classified documents and materials concerning U.S. allies like Israel and Ukraine as well as Egypt have been leaking to the public for about a month now.

The U.S. federal government has started to look inwards to find the source of the leak, as the latest belief is that the leaker likely came from within the U.S. federal government with a high level security clearance.

NBC news, which has received copies of more than 50 of the classified documents in question, says that a majority of them have the “TOP SECRET” label that means they are the most classified documents anyone can get their hands on.

The Biden administration Coordinator for Strategic Communications with the National Security Council (NSA) John Kirby recently shared with the media that Joe Biden has been briefed about this intelligence leak issue.

He says that the Department of Justice has launched an investigation but that he’s not aware of any conclusions at this time.

“… the Department of Defense has referred this to the Department of Justice for a criminal investigation, and I certainly would refer you to them, but I’m not aware that they’ve come to any conclusions at this point about where they’re coming from,” John Kirby said at a White House press briefing.

What’s even worse is that when Kirby was asked if the Biden administration has any idea about whether the leaks will stop or will continue, Kirby said they “don’t know.”

“We don’t know. We truly don’t know,” he said.

It’s certainly concerning that Kirby said the Biden administration has basically no idea about how these leaks are happening in the first place.

“TOP SECRET” document leaks don’t just happen every day and there’s a very select few individuals who get access to these documents.

A CBS White House correspondent, Weijia Jang, proceeded to ask Kirby if Joe Biden believes that now is a good time to reconsider the security clearance protocols.

“When was the last time the protocol to grant security clearances was updated or revised in the government, and in light of the leaks, does the president believe he should take another look at that?” Jang asked of Kirby.

Kirby responded saying that the Department of Defense has “started to look” at that, but that the Biden administration isn’t making any significant changes at this time.

Jang even asked Kirby if it’s possible that the leak was intentional by someone with access to the classified documents.

“Are you saying there’s a question of whether this was a leak by someone who had access to the materials?” Jang inquired.

Kirby just answered that they “don’t know” at this time.

It certainly seems possible that this was an intentional leak by someone within the Biden executive branch. If so, they would be dealing with an impostor situation where they have no idea how to find out who is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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