Joe Biden raises DEFCON level after receiving this warning from China

Communist China has been raising eyebrows as of late. Their “cold war” against the USA is heating up.

And Joe Biden just raised the DEFCON level after receiving this warning from China.

The Chinese Communist Party issued a fresh warning this week that should concern the Biden administration, which has largely handled the homicidal government with child gloves, as evidenced by the president’s choice to permit a CCP spy balloon to drift across the whole continental U.S. for days.

The United States was threatened by the Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang in a press conference after the White House described its planned interactions with China as “conflict” rather than a “strategic competition.”

Qin claimed that the “competition,” of the Biden administration “is all-round containment and suppression, a zero-sum game.” A third assertion made by the foreign minister was that the United States “wants China not to respond in words or action when slandered or attacked,” which Qin characterized as “is just impossible.”

It is nothing new for China to see fair punishment for its totalitarian, genocidal evil as an affront, but it is noteworthy that the country is now ratcheting up its threats against the United States at a time when President Biden and his administration have largely failed to project strength in their interactions with China.

No amount of guardrails can prevent the derailment and rollover into confrontation and conflict, the CCP’s number-two diplomat warned, adding to China’s threat.

“If the U.S. side does not put on the brakes and continues down the wrong path, no amount of guardrails can stop the derailment and rollover into confrontation and conflict,” he said.

Invoking Biden’s directive to shoot down the CCP spy balloon, Qin claimed it violated “the spirit of international law” and asserted that the US is unquestionably “responsible for the creation of the Taiwan issue.”

In other words, China is warning Biden that if he doesn’t end what the United States refers to as “strategic competition,” it will be “impossible” for China to refrain from taking “action” which will unavoidably result in “confrontation and conflict.”

All of this occurs as a result of President Biden’s administration’s, at best, deteriorating relationship with China over the previous two and a half years.

The most recent instance was when Biden, under strong pressure and criticism, decided to let the CCP’s spy balloon drift across essentially the whole continental United States.

Biden attempted courting China early in his presidency in an effort to persuade Beijing to convince Putin not to invade Ukraine. That attempt backfired on Biden, and even the Pentagon acknowledged that it was a mistake as China turned whatever intelligence that Biden shared with them over to Russia, strengthening ties between the two regimes.

Naturally, there is also Biden’s recurrent inability to adequately describe how the United States would react to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Furthermore, it is important to note that the Biden administration has not made China answerable for its part in the formation and dissemination of COVID-19 or for its ongoing denial of what occurred in Wuhan.

These particular incidents, along with Biden’s botched retreat from Afghanistan and inability to demonstrate sufficient power to keep Putin out of the Ukraine, give the impression that he is weak.

That provides the CCP with some leeway to make threats like this and keep attempting to establish itself as the up-and-coming powerhouse.

China, however, is a dictatorial, murderous, and depriving of rights regime. For its treatment of the Uyghurs, the tight grip it has on the lives of its inhabitants, the foreign espionage it engages in to steal intellectual property and research from other countries, and a laundry list of other horrible deeds, the CCP deserves to be denounced, shunned, and punished.

So, will Biden make a powerful response? Or will he try to employ his chosen “diplomacy” to bumble around in yet another futile effort to quell the CCP’s bluster and despicable deeds? Time will tell, but if the past truly serves as a guide, Biden will withdraw.

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