Joe Biden received a warning from Russia that you need to hear

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues to rage on. Democrats are fueling it with American taxpayer dollars.

Now Joe Biden’s received a warning from Russia that you need to hear immediately.

Decades ago, Democrats were known as the anti-war party who wanted to bring the soldiers home from Vietnam and prevent nuclear proliferation.

But those days are now long gone.

When it comes to the current turmoil in Ukraine, which is unrelated to the United States in any way, Democrats and even some Republicans sound the war drums every day.

More than $100 billion has already been approved for the Ukrainian war effort by Joe Biden and his congressional friends.

Naturally, this tremendous military assistance that is being used by Ukraine to defend itself, has Russia enraged.

There is no doubt that what is occurring in Ukraine at this time is a tragedy.

However, subsidizing foreign wars is wrong, and America should be well aware of this bitter lesson by this point.

Given how well-armed and serious Russia is, it is not surprising that they are incensed by Joe Biden’s extensive pro-Ukrainian war activities.

According to a statement from Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov in response to American military assistance to Ukraine, “These deliveries can add pain to the Ukrainian people and prolong its sufferings but principally they will be unable to solve anything [or] disrupt the process of achieving the goals of the special military operation.”

In particular, these deliveries “cannot and will not be able to change anything in Ukraine,” he continued.

These Kremlin statements are extremely ominous.

The heartbreaking reality is that now more than at any other time since the Cold War, America is closer to beginning World War III.

America’s chances of forging positive ties with Russia have been entirely shattered under Joe Biden’s leadership, and it seems probable that things will only grow worse from here on out.

And it is not a good idea to deploy highly sophisticated military hardware and vast sums of money to a country with a history of extreme instability like Ukraine.

Time will tell whether this taxpayer-funded investment in the Ukrainian military is a wise one, but so far all signs point to unanticipated consequences.

From the outside looking in, it definitely doesn’t seem like Joe Biden and his Democrats in the White House are exhausting all diplomatic options.

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