President Biden’s heart stopped when he heard this news

Biden’s ability to serve as Commander-in-Chief has come into question lately. Now we suddenly have our answer.

Because President Biden’s heart stopped when he heard this news.

Despite every attempt by Democrats to shift focus away from Biden’s age and mental competency, it’s destined to take center stage.

Every day seems to bring a new gaffe, misstep, or creepy story from President Biden.

Major media personalities outside of the fake news media are starting to broadcast their disdain loud and clear.

As he discussed potential Biden family links in China and the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 presidential election, Joe Rogan claimed Wednesday that President Joe Biden has been “in that lying business forever.”

During Wednesday’s episode of Spotify’s “The Joe Rogan Experience,” the presenter was discussing the absurdity of attacking former President Donald Trump while disregarding Biden and his family with his guest, mixed martial artist Jorge Masvidal.

“They just don’t want him [Trump] president again,” Rogan said. “Biden is so old … you hear him talk. He’s so old. He’s so compromised. You watch him talk years ago, he was never an impressive guy.”

“He lied a lot about his record and his education background, he lied about a bunch of things,” the podcast host added. “He’s a goofy old politician. … He’s been in that lying business forever.”

Masvidal said “the China money that he’s [Biden’s] been getting for years, hooking up his son [Hunter Biden], the computer — denying the computer — when it’s like ‘Bro, you can see it!’ Before the FBI declared that this was real, I was already watching videos of him.”

Rogan agreed and said, “They suppressed it off of Twitter, and the fact that the liberals keep saying that there’s nothing to that, like, ‘What are you talking about?’ If that was Trump and Donald Trump Jr. was doing street crack with hookers in Vietnam and getting foot jobs, you’d be —”

“And getting $10 million from these places where he’s not equipped to have those types of jobs,” Masvidal interjected, with Rogan mentioning Hunter’s work with the oil and gas company Burisma in Ukraine.

“Yes, he [Hunter] was getting money from China and from Ukraine,” Rogan agreed. “I mean, it’s wild.”

“And those are the same people that he’s [Biden’s] giving our tax dollars to,” Masvidal replied, before the podcast host admitted he’s terrified the president is going to get the U.S. into a war.

“It’s terrifying to me that the Left are the ones that are behind this, encouraging it, when the Left was always anti-war,” Rogan concluded.

As previously noted, the podcast host has been a critic of Biden and has expressed concern that the president’s cognitive abilities are “deteriorating.”

Following the president’s comments about defending Taiwan against China and expressing “solidarity against Russia’s aggression against Ukraine,” Rogan earlier stated that having Biden in office is “f***ing dangerous.”

With Joe Rogan’s podcast being one of the largest shows in the world, Democrats are sweating.

If more people learn just how bad off Biden is and how corrupt he has been, their 2024 hopes are shot.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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