The Kennedy family has shocking news for Joe Biden

The Kennedys have been involved in American politics for multiple generations now. To say they have power in D.C. is an understatement.

And now the Kennedy family has shocking news for Joe Biden.

In the 1960s, President John F. Kennedy really put the Kennedy family on the map with his rise to stardom.

He was so popular with the American public at large that is raised interest into the Kennedy family at large.

While the Kennedys have taken a backseat in terms of interest in the eyes of the American public today, the Kennedy family still has a ton of power in political circles all across the nation.

Robert F. Kennedy, the brother to JFK, was the Attorney General for the United States from 1961 to 1964 and then became a U.S. Senator in 1965 for the state of New York.

He was eventually assassinated in 1968, but his legacy carries on. His son, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. followed in the footsteps of his father by becoming a prominent lawyer, obtaining law degrees from the University of Virginia and Pace University.

It seems as though Robert F. Kennedy Jr. might also be trying to get into the political space, just like his father did, as well.

Newsmax has reported that RFJ Jr. recently announced that he is “thinking” about running for the 2024 Democrat nomination for President.

Reports say that he told a crowd in New Hampshire about running for President, he is “thinking about it, yes. I’ve passed the biggest hurdle that my wife has green lighted it.”

Newsmax reports:

Kennedy was accompanied by his wife, Cheryl Hines, when he reportedly made the announcement at St. Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics, which is regarded as a must-stop for presidential candidates.

Kennedy seemingly jabbed at Joe Biden’s failures in handling inflation and the American economy overall, implying that Biden has abandoned “economic prosperity” and good economic policy.

“To choose between economic prosperity on the one hand and environmental protection on the other is not true,” he told the crowd. “Good environmental policy 100% of the time is identical to good economic policy.”

Newsmax notes that the Ron Paul Institute has said that Kennedy is a different sort of Democrat today because he is opposed to needless wars and “Big Pharma.”

Kennedy was even against the Democrat Party’s insistence that almost everyone should get the COVID-19 vaccine.

He champions himself as a lifelong Democrat, although he has drawn the line against the party’s adherence to the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We know that there is some environmental exposure that is causing these [pandemics],” Kennedy added. “I suspect that vaccines are the biggest cause.”

Finally, Kennedy also implied that Joe Biden has failed to unite the country like he said he would, and that Biden has actually polarized the nation more.

That’s definitely well evidenced by the fact that Joe Biden has essentially waged a new domestic war against conservative, Republicans by labeling them as dangerous “MAGA Republicans” who are apparently “threats” to our Democracy.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would obviously have a ton of name recognition, and at a time when Joe Biden is extremely vulnerable right now, the Kennedy lawyer could give Biden a run for his money for 2024.

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