Trump might get acquitted due to this loophole Jack Smith didn’t know about

Special counsel Jack Smith thought he had Trump dead to rights. But he’s made a critical mistake.

Because Donald Trump might get acquitted due to this loophole Jack Smith never accounted for.

As imperfect as the court system can be in the United States, at the end of the day if the evidence is heavily in the favor of one party, that party will likely win.

There are times that’s not been the case and that’s because we’re all just human. There’s no way for the court system to get every case right. That’s why the courts will review previously ruled cases when substantial evidence comes up.

The burden of proof being on the prosecution may be Donald Trump’s saving grace when all is said and done in the indictment trials he is facing.

In the latest Trump indictment over allegations that he tried to overturn the results of the 2020 election, the federal prosecutors have to prove that Donald Trump knowingly tried to violently wrestle back the White House like an insurrectionist.

And already the prosecution has made a huge mistake in being able to prove that.

A new report from CBS News indicates that special counsel Jack Smith and his office may not have done their homework properly in reviewing all evidence before bringing the latest indictment charge against Donald Trump.

It is possible, according to the report, that Jack Smith was seeking to charge Donald Trump without having all the facts in order.

CBS reports:

Special counsel Jack Smith’s office may not have fully reviewed thousands of pages of records turned over by former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik before seeking an indictment of former President Donald Trump Tuesday, says Kerik’s attorney, Tim Parlatore.

CBS notes that when asked about this mistake, former federal prosecutors admitted to it possibly being an “oversight” prior to bringing the indictment charges.

“It may have been an oversight,” Scott Frederickson shared with the media.

This is huge for Donald Trump because it may play right into his hand of trying to prove that the Jack Smith office is targeting him politically.

All along, Donald Trump has been saying that he believes that Jack Smith and the Democrats are going after him because he’s the leading Presidential candidate for the 2024 cycle.

If his lawyers were able to prove that Jack Smith and company specifically ignored important documents and evidence in the case prior to bringing indictment charges, that would be utterly huge.

That would be just a hop and a skip away from arguing that the federal prosecutors had made up their mind about charging Trump long before the probing process began.

Any federal judge who sees enough evidence for this would be quick to acquit Donald Trump lest they risk their judicial career and future.

Prudent Politics will keep you updated on any developments in the Trump indictment trials.

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