Joe Biden’s been caught in a HUGE lie he can’t get out of

There’s only one thing you can rely on from the Biden administration. And it’s that they will always try to deceive the American people.

But now Joe Biden’s been caught in a huge lie that he can’t wiggle his way out of.

The Biden administration has lied more than any other Presidential admin in recent history.

Joe Biden claimed that gas was “over $5” when he took office. But that was a lie as it was about half of that at $2.46 when he took office.

He lied about student loan forgiveness saying it was “passed” by a “vote or two” and that it was “in effect.”

The truth is that mass student loan forgiveness hasn’t passed Congress and has not been “in effect” as he says.

He lied when he claimed that gun manufacturers are “the only industry in the country” that are immune from lawsuits due to the products they make.

He’s lied about being “in and out” of Iraq over “40 times.”

He’s also lied about weird things about his past like claiming he was “arrested” for protesting for civil rights and that he used to drive a tractor trailer as a summer job.

This weekend, he added to his legacy of gross lies to the American people.

Joe Biden took to Twitter to wack Republicans for trying to abolish the IRS and the income tax by replacing it with a national consumption tax that is more fair for everyone.

He claimed “House “House Republicans have proposed a new 23% national sales tax on American families, increasing the prices of everything from groceries and gas to food and medicine.”

He’s leaving out one critical truth, though.

House Republicans want to completely get rid of the income tax entirely.

Meaning, Republicans aren’t just trying to out of the blue implement a giant national sales tax to intentionally hurt families, as Joe Biden would have you believe.

Furthermore, there are rebates built into the proposal that would prevent medium to low income households from having to pay any sales tax at all.

Additionally, certain necessities would be tax free under the Fair Tax plan.

So no, Republicans aren’t trying to drive up taxes on low income households that are struggling.

That’s a lie from Democrats that are trying to hide the fact that they’re out-of-control spending is what’s causing Americans to foot the bill for it all.

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