You have to see Tucker Carlson simply demolish this RINO traitor

There’s one thing you can’t take away from Tucker Carlson. That’s his courage to speak his mind.

And you simply have to see Tucker Carlson utterly demolish this RINO traitor.

Maria Salazar, a RINO congresswoman from Florida, is a strong proponent of amnesty and open borders within the Republican Party.

Salazar conveyed her message to the World Economic Forum in Davos, where she called for the amnesty of up to 15,000,000 illegal immigrants.

The congresswoman from Miami stated that providing “dignity” to illegal immigrants was her top priority.

“Let’s see who comes in and who doesn’t. And then turn around and give dignity – that doesn’t mean a path to citizenship – that means to include them and make them dignified members of our community,” Salazar stated.

Then Salazar asserted that because illegal aliens “look like me,” it is her duty as a member of Congress to champion their concerns.

“Those are the people that I represent,” Salazar continued.

“We’re talking about 13 to 15 million people, who are, most of them, Hispanics—I would say 85 percent—who speak my language, look like me and sound like me, that are contributing with the economy of this country and they live in the shadows.”

Tucker Carlson found it incomprehensible that an American legislator would travel abroad and acknowledge that their primary responsibility in Congress was to advocate for foreigners who had entered the country illegally and sought welfare benefits.

Salazar attempted to enact a broad amnesty during the previous Congress, but it failed because the Senate refused to consider it.

Thom Tillis, a RINO who supports open borders, was appointed by Mitch McConnell to negotiate with Democrats on an amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants during this Congress.

Salazar will be in the spotlight in the House leading the campaign to send amnesty to Joe Biden’s desk on behalf of the illegal aliens she claims to represent if the legislation passes the Senate.

As long as crooked politicians are calling for any sort of amnesty, we are never going to get anywhere with securing our border.

Calls for amnesty embolden individuals to illegally cross our border and falsely seek Asylum here in the United States.

Furthermore, as much as the Democrats want you to believe that amnesty is a one-time deal, it isn’t.

They will absolutely do it more if they find it politically expedient for them.

No matter which way you cut it, amnesty and anything of the sort is an awful idea.

Maybe we should try just securing our border first.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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