A Hillary Clinton advisor delivered a shocking truth that left Nancy Pelosi stunned

Nancy Pelosi was already panicking about the November midterms. But things just got so much worse for the aging Speaker of the House.

That’s because a Hillary Clinton advisor delivered a shocking truth that left Nancy Pelosi stunned.

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Speaker of the House, believed she could defy conventional political wisdom and keep her razor-thin House majority.

President Joe Biden’s poor approval rating has set Congressional Democrats up for a thrashing in the November midterm elections.

Democrats believed that by focusing on abortion and January 6, they could divert attention away from domestic issues such as rising inflation.

However, as the campaign season nears its end, people appear to be less interested in what Democrats are presenting.

“It’s the economy, stupid,” as former President Bill Clinton’s top political advisor James Carville memorably quipped.

The economy has tanked since Democrats seized sole control of the government, and the Party bears responsibility for the disaster.

After months of euphoria about retaining control of Congress, even Democrats are coming up to the harsh reality that awaits them on Election Day.

Douglas Schoen worked as a top counselor on then-President Clinton’s re-election campaign in 1996, as well as for Hillary Clinton.

Schoen published an essay headlined “Brace Yourself for a Republican Wave” in the Wall Street Journal, warning Democrats about their chances in the midterm elections.

He noted that Democrats’ perceived advantage in polling was fading as people focused on the economy and crime.

The former Clinton aide argued the corporate-controlled media inflated the impact of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling, which overturned Roe v. Wade, in a shocking indictment of Speaker Pelosi’s all-abortion, all-the-time marketing campaign.

While Democrats spent $100 million this fall attempting to bring abortion front and center, Americans’ main concerns are Bidenflation and the awful Biden economy, which is on the verge of a major crisis.

Democrats’ radical pro-abortion-on-demand till birth for any cause puts them at odds with 80% of Americans.

Schoen provided two figures that, while buried by the abortion debate, foretell a massive disaster for Democrats on Election Day.

Republicans enjoyed the lead in primary enthusiasm this year, with 52% of primary voters choosing GOP candidates vs 48% for Democrats.

In the past, the party with the highest primary turnout has forecasted how it will fare in the midterm elections.

Republicans held the advantage in the enormous Republican waves of 2010 and 2014, while Democrats had the advantage in 2018.

The President’s approval rating is the most well-known predictor of Midterm results.

Clinton had a 42% approval rating in September 1994, just before his party lost 53 House seats.

Former President Barack Obama had a 45% approval rating in September 2010 before Democrats were thoroughly defeated in the midterm elections, losing a massive 63 seats.

President Joe Biden’s approval rating is currently in the low 40%s.

When renowned Democratic politicians warn of a “Republican Wave,” Democrats are in for a bad election night in November.

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