Sean Hannity just shocked conservatives with this one election truth

The Midterms are just a couple of weeks away. Everyone thought it was going to be a boon for Republicans.

But Sean Hannity just shocked conservatives with this one-election truth.

Mark Levin joined Sean Hannity to examine the current condition of the midterm elections.

Levin argued that the outcome of this election would shape the future of American politics and society.

“If you don’t vote in 19 days, you’re gonna lose your country,” Levin stated. “It’s that simple.”

Hannity expanded on this argument by stating that if Democrats increased their Senate majority and maintained control of the House, it would mean the end of America as we know it because they would abolish the legislative filibuster.

According to Hannity:

Let me add one thing. If the Democrats did win, what does that mean for the country? As bad as things are now, all the issues you touched on. All the issues I’m touching on. Think about this. We get the elimination of the legislative filibuster. Then we get court-packing. Then we get D.C. statehood. Then we get Puerto Rico statehood. Then we get the authoritarianism of the Democratic Party.

And they will forever alter the greatest system of governance ever created for men. That’s how deep, that’s how profound this will be on this country. And I don’t know if we get to the point where we could never [sic] recover at that point.

By abolishing the filibuster, Democrats would be able to add Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico as states, giving the Left four more permanent Senate seats.

It would also allow Democrats to stack the Supreme Court and establish a permanent leftist majority, effectively eliminating the Second Amendment and imposing a slew of extreme left-wing social concerns on the country.

Senate Democrats, working under simple majority rules, would also ram through enormous voter fraud and election rigging measures to permanently deprive Republicans of power.

Democrats would implement universal vote-by-mail and ballot harvesting systems in every state with a simple majority vote, while simultaneously weakening voter ID rules and allowing murderers and rapists to vote.

All of these policies are intended to transform America into a one-party state.

And Sean Hannity is concerned because this is on the November ballot.

It’s not just a matter of different tax policy or how much we should spend on roads.

It’s a fight for our country as we know it.

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