Barack Obama declares war on Ron DeSantis in this stunning video

There was no way Barack Obama was going to fade into the background after he left office. His ego wasn’t going to let him do that.

And now Barack Obama has declared war on Ron DeSantis in this stunning video.

No matter which way you cut it, the Democrats have had a hard time selling their candidates on the national level in recent years.

Usually that’s a problem the GOP has with the likes of Mitt Romney and John McCain being featured on Presidential tickets in 2012 and 2008.

But Donald Trump changed that precedent, as millions of Americans appreciated his anti-establishment rhetoric and his ability to speak his mind without politician-speak getting in the way.

So now the script has flipped and the Democrats have the likability problem on their hands.

Barack Obama came across as a generally likeable guy to many Americans, even if he was someone they severely disagreed with.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, has seen his approval raitings crash like the stock market in 1929.

This means that Joe Biden has become severely toxic for any Democrats running for any office to associate with.

Their solution? Insert Barack Obama.

Democrat Charlie Crist in Florida running for Govenor has been under water for months as he faces an impending doom taking on the extremely well-approved Republican incumbent, Ron DeSantis.

So the Democrats have turned to Obama in their time of need.

Recently, Obama put out a video urging Floridians to vote for Crist instead of Ron DeSantis because he’s a “decent” guy.

Barack Obama implies that DeSantis doesn’t care about Floridians and is indecent himself.

Watch the video below:

Barack Obama calling Charlie Crist a decent guy is rich considering Crist literally called DeSantis satan.

Furthermore, to imply that DeSantis doesn’t care about Floridians is just laughable.

DeSantis has all along the way put Floridians first no matter what.

And millions of Floridians have thanked DeSantis for doing just that and saving their jobs, their children, and the state as a whole, from the clutches of the radical Left.

That’s exactly why DeSantis is enjoying some of the highest approval ratings by any politician in the country.

Pulling in Barack Obama is just a hail mary for the Democrats that is almost certain to fail.

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