A U.S. General sent Biden a demand that is shaking up the White House

The Biden administrations failures on the international level are well documented at this point. But those in the military have had enough of his games.

Because a U.S. General sent Biden a demand that sent panic throughout the White House.

Senior U.S. military personnel appear to be growing impatient with President Joe Biden’s protracted proxy conflict with Russia in Ukraine.

General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, outraged Democrats by saying that the upcoming winter lull in fighting in Ukraine provided the perfect opportunity for Russia and Ukraine to hammer out a diplomatic settlement and end the war before it spirals out of control. Milley had earlier angered conservatives with remarks about so-called “white rage” being the cause of January 6.

General Milley said that since neither side could prevail militarily, a political resolution to the conflict was required.

“The debate within the administration took off last week after Milley, who also strayed from White House talking points in the previous administration, shared his assessment that neither Ukraine nor Russia can win militarily,” Politico’s report reads.

“Both sides need to reach a ‘mutual recognition’ that a military victory ‘is maybe not achievable through military means, and therefore you need to turn to other means,’” Milley said, adding that the potential stalemate provides ‘an opportunity here, a window of opportunity for negotiation,’” the report continued.

The Biden administration hastily provided an explanation for General Milley’s remarks and insisted that its policy of backing the Ukrainian adventure at all costs and hazards has not changed.

“The Biden administration is in damage control mode after a top U.S. general said a window for peace talks between Kyiv and Moscow could open this winter, with senior officials scrambling to assure Ukraine it wasn’t undercutting its goal of expelling the Russians,” Politico’s report added.

“Specifically, senior U.S. officials are telling their counterparts in Ukraine that the expected winter fighting pause doesn’t mean talks should happen imminently,” Politico added.

“Instead, they’re relaying that Washington will continue to support Kyiv’s militarily as it launches the next phase of advances on the battlefield, according to Ukrainian and U.S. officials familiar with the outreach.”

And President Biden’s foolishness in Ukraine has significant hazards.

The war in Ukraine brought the world closer to nuclear Armageddon than at any time in the previous 60 years, as Biden himself acknowledged last month.

General Milley is aware of the potential for Biden’s war against Russia to bring about the end of civilization.

General Milley advocated for the beginning of peace talks between Ukraine and Russia for this reason.

These calls for peace talks have fallen on deaf ears with the Democrats and the Biden White House, though.

The Democrat Party claims to be the “anti-war” party, but their fueling of the Ukraine-Russia war with taxpayer dollars says otherwise.

Prudent Politics will keep you updated on the Ukraine-Russia affair.

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