Antifa’s ties to terrorism uncovered in alarming exposé

It is no secret that Antifa has terrorized America’s cities for years. Meanwhile, the Left pretends it doesn’t even exist.

And now Antifa’s ties to terrorism uncovered in alarming exposé.

A planned attack at the University of Pittsburg against Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles was recently thwarted, and the results have been astounding.

According to AntifaWatch, two residents of Pittsburgh were indicted regarding their actions in April.

The indictment targets married couple Brian and Krystal Dipippa and charges them with “ felony conspiracy, civil disorder, and use of an explosive to commit a federal felony.”

The two first came under suspicion when anonymous tips alerted university police that “anarchists were planning to attack the event.”

According to The Post Millenial, “The tip reportedly stated that the group met at the Big Idea Bookstore, a store in Pittsburgh that displays anarcho-communist and Antifa fliers, flags, and symbols.”

Apparently, members of the group promised to not allow the event to happen and started to share with the crowd details of incendiary devices.

During the event in April, Brian is seen throwing a large explosive object into a group of officers and then ducking behind his wife Krystal.

Once the FBI tracked down the couple and obtained warrants, they took laptops, cell phones, and thumb drives as evidence.

In an October 3 motion filed by federal prosecutors, they stated that DiPippa is an “anarchist who wants to harm police officers.”

They also added that “His actions on April 18, 2023 were not the result of a momentary lapse in judgment by a young man. Defendant Brian DiPippa is 41, not 21.”

They went on further to state, “He is all about anarchy and harming law enforcement officers. His residence displays the flag of anarchy. He espouses and celebrates the hurting and/or killing of law enforcement officers.”

In a journal obtained by law enforcement, DiPippa stated that “Kneecaps, groin, throat, and eyes — we get happy when cops keel over and die.”

In another section of the journal he writes, “I am a comedian who has made websites that aren’t funny, mostly serious-*ss political ones like idg, kolektiva, couple more, can’t say shh. I werk for the movement now, y’all made me a hundredaire. Never dols out to Soros, all though this bio is supposed to be about me, but see that’s how that sh*t happens, hence the rioting.”

This admittance is the tie that liberals refuse to acknowledge: extremists and terrorists are the ones behind Antifa.

The Radical Left tries to claim that Antifa is merely a social group and that there is nothing dangerous or wrong with its members, but this proves that many of these groups are backed and funded by extremists and terrorists who want to harm, maim, and kill.

Americans should know the truth and the truth is something that the Radical Left does not want people to know.

Antifa, BLM, and other radical extremist groups are not here to peacefully protest or exercise their First Amendment right; they are here to take over and destroy.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics as we bring you the TRUTH that the left will not.

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