Marjorie Taylor Greene makes shocking House Speaker announcement that is turning heads

The Speaker of the House position is becoming more and more important the longer it remains empty. However, no one knows who the Republicans will vote for.

But Marjorie Taylor Greene made a shocking House Speaker announcement that is turning heads.

On Wednesday, during the secret ballot vote, House Republicans nominated Steve Scalise to be Speaker of the House.

The vote was 113-99 for Scalise, however many are worried that he will not have the votes to win the speakership.

Jim Jordan is still receiving major endorsements for the speakership over Scalise, and many House members are worried that there will be a repeat of the situation with McCarthy.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has made a major endorsement and announced her support of Jordan over Scalise.

MTG stated that even though Jordan did not receive the nomination during the secret ballot, she would still be voting for him on the House floor.

Greene wrote, “I like Steve Scalise, and I like him so much that I want to see him defeat cancer more than sacrifice his health in the most difficult position in Congress.”

She claims that the House needs a leader who can focus their entire efforts on issues that are weakening America.

She said, “We need a Speaker who is able to put their full efforts into defeating the communist democrats and save America. We must stop funding foreign wars – Ukraine. We must stop the weaponized government and hold them accountable. We must secure our border. We must protect our kids.”

While Scalise won the nomination, it appears that many other Republicans agree with Greene and they want a speaker who is fit and ready to dedicate their full attention to problems the nation is facing.

On Monday, Rep. Ralph Norman told reporters “I was honest with Scalise. I think his health is an issue. I don’t want somebody that is gonna deteriorate in the job. This is a tough job. You’ve got to be everywhere.”

However, Rep. Tony Gonzales endorsed Scalise and claimed that his wife had supported Scalise’s decision.

Jennifer is the one that has said, ‘I wouldn’t allow him to do this if he wasn’t healthy enough to do this,'” Gonzales said. “When his wife says, ‘We’re in this to win this’ — that’s all I needed to know.”

Scalise won the nomination and will face off against Democrat nominee Hakeem Jeffries, but many are worried about what will happen if Scalise does not receive the full support of House Republicans.

With MTG and other prominent House Republicans pledging to vote for Jordan, it will certainly be an interesting situation on the House floor.

Regardless of what happens, the needs of the American people remain the same, and voters are putting their trust in their elected officials to make the right decision.

America needs a strong leader right now, and we won’t get that from the White House.

So all many of us can do right now is look to the House of Representatives for that leadership.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics for updates on this developing situation.

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