Biden just admitted his twisted priorities and it’s downright scary

The Biden administration has made countless questionable policy decisions since taking office. But this one might be the worst decision of them all.

Now Biden just admitted his twisted priorities and it’s downright scary.

The Biden administration has issued new regulations that once again negatively affect the day-to-day lives of Americans.

The new regulations from Biden will severely impact air conditioners and refrigerators and climate and energy experts alike warn that it will raise prices even more for American families.

The Biden administration is so focused on combating so-called “climate-damaging” hydrofluorocarbons that it has decided to once again cripple the American family.

Joe Biden is the worst leader Americans have ever had, and his “climate first” policies are destroying American lives.

One energy expert put it this way, “This is putting the climate agenda above the best interests of consumers.”

And I think that sums up Joe Biden’s presidency fairly well: putting X agenda over the best interests of Americans.

Joe Biden does not care at all about America or its citizens and instead cares about appealing to the destructive agendas of the Radical Left.

Ben Lieberman, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, stated “This is likely to raise the costs — it may raise it substantially — of your next new air conditioning system.”

Brett Schaefer, a senior researcher at Heritage Foundation, told Fox News “We’re dealing with a situation now where American consumers are being hit by inflation on goods such as food, fuel, products, appliances, and then we’re going to add on top of that a regulatory restriction that increases costs for all Americans related to something that is really important for people — especially in hot climates in southern states or in the southwest — which is air conditioning.”

The point made here is extremely important and it once again highlights the Radical agenda of the Left.

In a time when Americans are dealing with extreme crises, Joe Biden is going to spend our taxpayer dollars and resources on making things even more expensive for the average everyday American.

Instead of helping to lower the outrageous costs of gas, living, groceries, energy, etc, Joe Biden has made it clear that he wants to do the exact opposite: continue making things even more expensive.

Democrats and the Radical Left are more concerned with air conditioning units than they are in protecting American lives.

Joe Biden wants to ban all sorts of things that Americans use every single day, but he also wants to leave our border wide open to the crippling effects of mass illegal immigration.

He also wants to continue to raise prices and destroy America while sending billions to foreign countries.

When will the American people have enough?

When will we vote out these corrupt politicians who have a personal agenda to destroy our lives?

Americans, it is time to take the power back from the radicals, and we must start by voting these buffoons out of power.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics as we continue to bring you the TRUTH.

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