Democrat mayor betrays own party with one major move

Democrats are not known for good or safe policies. And they do not seem to care about their own citizens.

But one Democrat mayor has betrayed their own party with one major move.

One major epidemic in Democrat cities is homelessness. It seems to be a problem pretty much predominately where the leadership are Democrats.

In a recent publicity stunt, one resident of Denver resorted to leaving fecal matter on the steps of city hall to show his immense frustration with the problem.

Thankfully, although the mayor of Denver is a Democrat, he seems to understand that there is a problem… something that most Democrat leaders are unable to do.

Mayor Mike Johnston may be a Democrat, but he calls himself a “nonpartisan mayor” for Denver, which is good news for the many citizens fed up with the homeless crisis.

Even though Joe Biden took nearly 80% of the deep blue city’s vote in 2020, the script is definitely flipping, and more and more voters are expressing their outrage towards the president.

The cost of living has skyrocketed to an unbelievable rate, the homeless epidemic is destroying the city, and more and more citizens are blaming Biden and his failed policies.

When Johnston took office in July, he immediately declared the homeless crisis to be what it really was: an emergency.

Johnston stated, “One of the things I love about this job as a nonpartisan mayor and about this task is people from all ends of the spectrum care deeply about this and getting it done.”

He then called his plan to curb the homeless problem “ambitious” to which many across the aisle have agreed.

According to recent reports from the Annual Homelessness Assessment Report from late last year, Denver has the 10th largest homeless population in the nation and was the fourth worst outside of cities from California.

Johnston declared “We now have one of the highest commercial vacancy rates of any city in America. We’re tied with San Francisco, which also has a very significant homeless population. So we know this is one of the major drivers that changes how people feel about their downtown. It affects visitors, affects tourists, affects who wants to work downtown, affects who wants to keep their businesses downtown.”

The mayor has done what almost no other Democrat has: admitted there is a problem, and sought out ways to fix the problem.

Places like Portland, LA, San Fransico, and many other Democrat cities are suffering similar fates: homelessness, crime, etc.

But unlike Denver, the Democrat leadership of these cities fails to admit there are any problems, and they never do anything to address the issue.

According to Johnston, the city of Denver has seen a 300% increase in the homeless population in the past five years alone.

“We view that as a crisis on all fronts,” he said. “That also means more encampments. It means more businesses who have people living or sleeping in front of their business, or in front of their home, or in their public parks.”

While Johnston’s plan might not be the best plan to tackle the homeless problem, he is acknowledging that there is a problem, and he is trying to fix it.

That is something that the Radical Left does not know how to do.

Mayor Johnston hopes that Denver will be an example for other cities facing similar problems and that they can work together to tackle the issue.

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