Democrats are panicking after being slapped with a massive subpoena

The Democrats are trying everything they can do hinder Republicans politically. What they have done has crossed the line.

But Democrats are panicking after being slapped with a massive subpoena.

House Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan has filed a subpoena against a group that tracks “misinformation.”

They have demanded records related to communications with the Biden administration regarding their “moderation of content online.”

The Center for Countering Digital Hate, a nonprofit group “battling misinformation” has failed to produce documents that Jordan has requested in regards to investigation efforts.

The group has “failed to produce a single document” even though they have admitted to dealing with the executive branch directly.

The subpoena is attempting to figure out exactly how and about what they were communicating with the executive branch.

The committee’s investigation is part of an ongoing case “Missouri v. Biden” in which the Biden administration has been exposed for working with Big Tech companies to censor content on social media.

A letter sent to CCDH CEO Imran Ahmed claims they are undermining “First Amendment principles.”

Jordan added that “It is necessary for Congress to gauge the extent to which the federal government or one of its proxies worked with or relied upon CCDH to censor speech.”

Jordan stated that “by declining” the committee’s request to “produce anything of substance” they were “hindering the Committee’s ability to fulfill its constitutional oversight obligations.”

The subpoena demands all documents and communications that took place between the CCDH and the executive branch from Jan. 1, 2020, up until now.

This investigation comes after a long history of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have been censoring content.

The larger question begs to be asked.

Why are Joe Biden and Democrats so concerned with censoring any opinions that aren’t their own?

The answer is simple:

They do not want Americans to learn the truth.

The Democrats have been targeting Trump, Republicans, and now the American people and trying to silence them.

The current administration is tyrannical, and they are accused of denying citizens their constitutional rights.

It is time to vote out Joe Biden and his phony administration.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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