Joe Biden is reeling from this staggering accusation

The Biden administration has faced its fair share of controversy. But now this could be it for the President and his lackeys.

And Joe Biden is reeling from this staggering accusation.

In a late-night message on Tuesday, Marjorie Taylor Greene blasted Joe Biden and likened him to an “oppressive ruler.”

The statement comes after a recent incident in which a young boy was removed from class for wearing a Gadsden flag patch on his backpack.

The 12-year-old Colorado student was told that the flag represented “slavery” and “slave trade.”

A school official said that the flag “couldn’t be in and around other kids.”

MTG has blamed Joe Biden and his totalitarian-like rule for the recent incident.

Schools, counties, cities, and states are becoming more and more “woke” under Joe Biden, and citizens rights are becoming more infringed upon.

Everyone has a First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

Any American citizen should be allowed to wear a patch with the Gadsden flag, the American, flag, etc.

Instead, Joe Biden and his administration have become almost like a dictatorship.

They are only allowing what they believe and what they want to be freely and publicly expressed.

In recent days, MTG has supported impeaching Biden calling him the “criminal in chief” and saying that there is a “mountain of evidence” to support an impeachment.

Joe Biden is turning America into a woke hellhole and its citizens are fed up.

It is time for a change in leadership, and it is time for America to retake its place as the greatest nation in the world.

Some may think that MTG has gone too far with her comparison, others believe she has not gone far enough.

Joe Biden is a dictator who punishes anyone and everyone who disagrees with him.

The message is clear: Stand up for what you believe in and be punished.

Not even children are allowed to have their own opinions. Instead, they must be indoctrinated in woke public schools.

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