The Democrat Party’s HQ is on fire from this alarming scandal

Democrats are falling apart. They seem to be losing all trust and respect of Americans.

And the Democrat Party’s HQ is on fire from this alarming scandal.

In a recent interview, third-party presidential candidate Cornel West had some extreme words for the Democrat party.

He claimed that the Democrat party was “beyond redemption” and accused the party of being unable to provide for the poor.

This explosive interview comes shortly after Bernie Sanders endorsed Biden for a second term.

Sanders claimed that Biden was America’s only hope for preserving American democracy against Donald Trump.

West seemed frustrated by Sanders’ endorsement of Joe Biden.

West said, “I think that the argument he’s making means that there’s never any possibility for breaking the corporate duopoly, that there’s never any possibility of trying to speak to the needs of the poor working people.”

West has totally destroyed the entire Democrat argument of why people should vote for them.

He has exposed “the party of the people” as not at all being for the people.

He said that while campaigning in Mississippi, he saw officials there addressing issues that the Democrats refused to such as police brutality and poverty.

West went on further to say, “But the Democratic Party is beyond redemption at this point, when it comes to seriously speaking to the needs of poor and working people.”

These are very strong words coming from a third-party candidate.

West is far from pro-Republican, so if even he is criticizing the Democratic party, things must really be bad.

Democrat voters have very similar feelings, and many seem to be turning to the Republicans and even Trump for help.

While many argue that Trump is loud, crass, vulgar, etc. it is clear that he was far more pro-America.

The economy was better, and America was thriving.

Now, after the past few years under solid Democrat control, life has been the worst ever for many people.

While West may be saying what many people are feeling, it is up to voters to change the future.

Go to the polls in 2024 and vote out the leaders that are destroying America.

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