Donald Trump latest move leaves Democrats in a panic

Democrats hate Trump. They are doing everything they can to stop any progress he has made and keep him from the White House.

But Trump’s latest move has left Democrats in a panic.

The newest Emerson polls spell out grave danger for Democrats if they want to re-elect Joe Biden and keep opposing Trump.

According to a new poll released on Friday, Donald Trump’s approval is increasing among younger voters, a demographic that Democrats thought they controlled.

Democrats have assumed that their brainwashing of the youth in public schools and liberal colleges have won them the younger vote, but they are sorely wrong.

The younger generation has entered into the world and seen exactly what these liberal policies are doing for America.

Since the last month, Trump’s polls have increased by two points, and Joe Biden’s have remained where they are, which is not good news for Biden and the Democrats.

In a head-to-head election poll, Donald Trump leads Joe Biden 47-45 with another 8% undecided.

In other polls from CNBC and Bloomberg, Trump leads by a greater margin and he is also leading in seven of the key swing states for the 2024 election.

According to polls, young people are more inclined to support Trump than Biden, and Donald Trump is leading in young male voters 18-29 by more than three and a half points.

Among 30-39-year-olds, Donald Trump is leading by a much greater margin… closer to 11 points.

Every single recent poll shows Donald Trump leading in the polls, and Democrats are starting to worry more.

Even with all of the legal cases they have brought against him, even with the media takeover and the anti-Trump propaganda the Left is flooding the news with, Donald Trump still leads in every single poll.

Democrats know that Americans have had enough… they know that their policies have effectively destroyed our economy, ruined our border security, and overall harmed every single American family.

Democrats have destroyed this country and we Americans demand it back.

The way that happens, is with Joe Biden being removed from office and a strong leader placed in the White House.

Never again can America elect a leader so weak and destructive as Joe Biden.

Americans need to step up and vote for a president who will strengthen our country and propose and enact strong policies that are pro-America.

Joe Biden and his Radical Left allies have done the exact opposite: they have put America last every chance that they have gotten, and Americans have realized this.

It is time to hold our officials accountable and to take the power back from the politicians and place it into the people’s hands.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics as we bring you the truth.

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