Surprising House Speakership announcement stuns Americans

The struggle to fill the speakership is one that is slowly wearing down all involved. Many people are worried if the vacancy will ever be filled.

But this Surprising House Speakership announcement stunned Americans.

Jim Jordan has made an announcement that leaves Democrats infuriated and Republicans happy.

With so much uncertainty and after losing the speakership vote twice, many were wondering if Jim Jordan would stay in the race for the speakership position.

While many true patriots know that he is a strong choice for the position, others still oppose Jordan.

However, Jordan put all rumors to rest when he made an announcement that calmed many nerves.

Jordan declared, “I’m still running for speaker, and I plan to go to the floor and get the votes and win this race.”

Jordan also said, “We made the pitch to members on the resolution as a way to lower the temperature and get back to work, we decided that wasn’t where we’re gonna go.”

Jim Jordan is not giving up easily and he is certainly not going down without a fight.

The Ohio representative is showing that he will do whatever it takes to secure the votes needed to win the speakership position for the House and for America.

This is the kind of leadership America needs right now; we need strong leader who won’t back down to opposition and won’t bend over backwards to keep everyone happy.

Jordan knows that people oppose him, but he also knows that he is the leader that America needs right now, and he won’t stop fighting until he has won for all of America.

In the first round of voting, Jordan had 20 Republicans vots against him, and in the second round on Wednesday, 22 Republicans voted against him.

Many people assumed that Jordan would step down and open up the position to someone else, but that has certainly not been the case.

Democrats are thrilled that there is so much infighting among Republicans, and Jordan knows this.

He knows that in order to beat the Radical Left, Republicans need to rally together to stop these harmful and destructive politicians.

Even though Jordan seems to be losing support among Republicans, he has vowed to rally them together so that the entire Republican House can stand up against the Democrats.

America and the world need a strong leader like Jordan, and we need to stop fighting amongst ourselves and remember who the real target is: the Radicals who are seeking to destroy everything.

Americans need to stand up for the truth and for policies that are going to help America and its people… not hurt and destroy them.

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