Experts have a chilling warning with all the blame on Biden

As more and more Americans feel the effects of Bidenomics, the situation is bleak. And people are desperate.

But experts have issued a chilling warning and they say it is all because of Joe.

As more and more Americans are fleeing liberal cities to escape failed policies and terrible leadership, experts warn that there will still be more problems for them.

Democrat leaders seem to be doing everything they can to destroy America, and they are ruining amazing cities for the sake of their failed policies.

And countless citizens are fleeing these failed areas in the hope of a better life for their families where they can escape these Democrats.

One expert said that when the pandemic hit, employees realized that they no longer needed to live in the same city that they worked in, and it caused a mss exodus from liberal cities.

“It opened up an opportunity for them to get away from, you know, the high cost of living, the kind of oppressive civil policies and business policies, the high taxes, all of those things that they were willing to stay put over because it was what they needed for their job,” the expert said.

During 2020, the state of California saw its first-ever population decline with well over half a million people leaving between 2020 and July 2022, and the number of residents leaving surpassed those moving in by over 700,000.

An online real estate portal estimated that California lost more than $340 million in 2021 IRA tax revenue because of citizens moving from the state.

New York as well experienced a massive drop when they lost almost $300 million in tax revenue the same year.

One expert stated that “a lot of people left. It was the biggest migration pattern since 1990 and likely the biggest even before that. So, a lot of people moved. They moved really quickly. And once people take an action, once they do that, a lot of people are choosing not to go back.”

The expert, a Finch Capital founder and real estate investor named Steven Pesavento, also warned that more and more citizens are moving to states like Texas, North Carolina, Florida, and others.

Pesavento claimed that “They’re chasing lower taxes, they’re chasing better business policies, and they’re chasing a better way of living.”

He continued, “They’re also looking for other people who believe what they believe and to kind of get away from all the craziness that’s been happening in schools in those local areas where they used to live.”

One real estate expert claimed that people were moving where they could escape the insanities of liberal leadership and move to a place where they would be “treated like adults.”

Even though all of these families are moving from liberal cities, experts warn that while some things will certainly get better under Republican leadership, there are other parts of the economy that have been too far destroyed by Biden.

Experts are warning that Joe Biden has crippled the American economy so much, that there will be no escaping his failed policies.

Fox News reports that one expert claims that “interest rates have skyrocketed, rental and mortgage properties are still flying off the shelves amid high demand and a lack of new homes.”

One expert said, “I talk about the Inflation Reduction Act, that to me hasn’t done a whole heck of a lot to curb inflation…”

He continues further that the Inflation Reduction Act has done “very little” to positively impact the economy and that it might have even had a “slightly negative” effect.

While Americans across the nation continue to suffer, Joe Biden continues to ruin our economy and our nation.

It is time for him to be removed from the White House.

America needs strong leaders who will put America first.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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