Former VP Mike Pence makes disturbing admission about Joe Biden

Biden has been up to his neck in scandal. But now it’s gotten even worse.

And now former VP Mike Pence has made an admission about Joe Biden.

During a recent interview on CNN, Mike Pence addressed the comments that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley made about China.

Governor Haley stated that she believed that China was an enemy of the US.

Pence responded strongly by saying, “China is the greatest economic and strategic threat facing the United States in the 21st century.”

It is a scary thought indeed, to think that China is America’s biggest threat.

It is especially concerning because of how Joe Biden has handled the relationship with China since he took office.

He has been making America increasingly more reliant on China, instead of separating ourselves from China.

Due to the closeness, now Americans are worried that if the US were to anger China, they could cripple our entire economy.

When Donald Trump was President, he made a number of policies that helped America become more centered on itself and less reliant on foreign countries like China.

However, Joe Biden immediately undid all of the hard work of Trump and has forced America to become more and more reliant on China.

Mike Pence used the opportunity to advocate for his presidency saying, “But if I’m president of the United States, we’re going to meet this moment with American strength.”

He went on further to say, “We’re going to limit China’s access to our economy until they straighten up and fly right and live by the rules of the road in international trade.”

While certainly that would be a significant step up from how Joe Biden is handling the entire situation, many Americans miss the confidence and surety of Donald Trump and his pro-America policies.

Not only is Joe Biden clearly not pro-America, but he in fact also seems to be exactly the opposite: anti-America.

Joe Biden and the radical left are trying their hardest to force America to be reliant on foreign powers, and they are trying to cripple our economy.

Both of which, unfortunately, they have done a remarkably good job so far.

The poor leadership and terrible management of our country under Joe Biden have gone on long enough.

Americans are sick of his terrible policies and his horrible handling of foreign affairs.

It is time for a strong leader to sit in the White House once again, and it is past time for America to be returned to the strong nation it once was.

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