White House accused of this stunning act of obstruction

It should not come as a surprise that the White House is doing something wrong. The current administration seems to be the most corrupt we’ve ever had.

And now the White House is accused of this stunning act of obstruction.

Speaker McCarthy has stated in a recent appearance that the White House has already “obstructed” by saying that there is “no evidence” for the inquiry.

The evidence for the inquiry is actually quite staggering, and it is certainly far more evidence than was ever presented against Donald Trump.

The claim from the White House that there is “no evidence” has led to the spread of disinformation and false reports, two things the White House claims to hate.

McCarthy’s response has been swift and absolute.

He will not take the left’s fake talking points seriously, like they want him too.

The talking points are myths and lies made up by the Radical Left in order to distract from the overwhelming evidence of corruption and bribery surrounding Joe Biden.

Even CNN has tried to lie to the public, yet McCarthy exposed them for the liars they are.

McCarthy states, “CNN went and tried to fact-check me trying to say there wasn’t and even in their own fact check said everything I said was true. Yes, there is an allegation of bribery. Yes, they’re saying that he went to meetings and money changed [hands]. Yes, there were shell companies.”

These outrageous claims that there is “no evidence” have come directly from the White House according to Speaker McCarthy.

“That talking point didn’t come from the campaign. It came from the taxpayer-paid White House counsel directly to media outlets,” stated McCarthy in a recent interview.

Just last week, the White House demanded that media outlets harass Republicans because the impeachment inquiry claims were based off of lies and had no evidence.

The White House commanded reporters and news outlets to “investigate” Republicans for their role in the impeachment inquiry that they claim is baseless.

However, their doing so constitutes obstruction of justice according to Speaker McCarthy.

McCarthy states, “I mean, right there is obstruction. Would you not question that? I would wonder is it not? It would be a question raised.”

The house has also uncovered irrefutable proof that Joe Biden lied to the public when he claimed he never spoke to his son regarding business dealings.

McCarthy also said that “…you have to realize that all the information that we know now we never would have known had Republicans not taken the majority.”

That is a scary realization… that if Republicans had not taken a majority, the Radical Left would have kept on covering up the truth and lying to the American people.

McCarthy is adamant that justice will be brought to Biden, but that the system will not be weaponized or used illegally like the Democrats use it.

“Let me be very clear to everybody. We are not the Democrats. We watched them use impeachment for political reasons.”

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics as we continue brining you the TRUTH that the Radical Left doesn’t want you to hear.

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