George Soros reveals shocking plot to silence free speech

George Soros has always been involved in fishy business dealings. His desire to control the world has led to some interesting moves.

And George Soros reveals shocking plot to silence free speech.

The George Soros Foundation has bought 23 Maine newspapers in their latest attempt to control the narrative brought to the American people.

Many of the daily and weekly newspapers have been bought by the society in recent months.

In July, the foundation bought all five of the Masthead Maine’s daily newspapers including the Portland Press Herald and the Sun Journal.

In addition to these purchases, Soros also bought up 17 weekly newspapers.

The news breaks just shortly after Joe Biden, from the White House no less, demanded that news outlets and media companies investigate Republicans for opening an impeachment inquiry.

The Radical Left claims that there is “no evidence” to open an inquiry into Joe Biden, and because they claim that, they are now trying to force the news outlets to cover it.

Maine is a critical state in many elections, and the next presidential election is beyond crucial if Democrats want to keep destroying the country.

So, instead of allowing Democracy to win, the left has decided to suppress the truth and turn news and media outlets into propaganda machines.

George Soros has been funding the Radical Left for decades, and his agenda lines up with those of the liberal agendas in America.

The left has been attempting to halt and silence their rivals for a long time now, but with this new move by George Soros, it will be all the easier.

Now that George Soros has bought so many of the news companies in Maine, the left can funnel whatever lies they want into the state.

The left will continue to lie to the American people and turn them and mold them however they want, and it will be even easier with the news companies bought out.

The left continues to suppress the truth and force their narrative onto the American people.

When will we hold them accountable for their lies and propaganda?

When will the American people wake up and understand that the Radical Left continues to attempt to control the hearts and minds of the American people.

Democracy is under attack, and unless something is done quickly, it will remain under attack and the American people will continue to be brainwashed.

The leftists’ agendas and policies are dangerous and harmful, and they all begin with controlling the narrative in the news.

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