Joe Biden betrays major ally in stunning act he’ll live to regret

Joe Biden has made his fair share of idiotic mistakes. But this most recent one takes the cake.

Because Joe Biden betrays major ally in a stunning act he’ll live to regret.

Joe Biden was recently in NYC meeting with multiple world leaders to discuss matters of international importance and to hopefully get a handle on foreign affairs.

However, the entire time he was in NYC, he refused to meet with his staunch ally Eric Adams to discuss the emergency in the city.

Eric Adams has declared that the current immigration crisis will “destroy” the city, yet Joe Biden made a point of completely avoiding the mayor.

After this rude encounter, or rather the lack of one, Eric Adams may indeed no longer be a Biden supporter.

Before Biden’s arrival, Mayor Adams stated, President Biden’s coming to the city. I am hoping that he understands this beautiful city that’s the economic engine of the entire country is being saddled with $2 billion that we spent already, $5 billion we’re going to spend in this fiscal crisis, $12 billion in the next two budgetary cycles. New York doesn’t deserve this. The asylum-seekers don’t deserve this.”

Mayor Adams is far from being a Republican, in fact, he is as strong a liberal as any, however, even he understands the importance of the situation with the border.

Adams has declared that over 10,000 immigrants arrive in the city every single month and that the city is losing billions over Joe Biden’s open border policy.

Yet, Joe Biden keeps making it clear that sending hundreds of billions of dollars to foreign wars is more important than taking care of his own country.

Eric Adams is far from a Trump supporter, but his recent remarks have made it clear that Joe Biden’s support among even Democrats is failing.

As Joe Biden continues to destroy our country, more and more Americans are waking up to the hard truth that is controlling him to cripple America.

Officials across the aisle are demanding that Joe Biden declare a state of emergency over the crisis with the border.

However, in true Biden form, Joe Biden is not even addressing the issue or willing to listen to anyone talking about it.

Instead, as shown in NYC, he is completely avoiding the issue and leaving the country to crumble under the immense pressure of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.

Border crossings continue to rise, and immigrants continue to flood border cities and states, and the emergency is creeping into cities like NYC and Chicago too.

Even as more and more officials on the Radical Left are begging Biden to help with the crisis, the White House remains silent.

Many are completely losing hope of the problem ever being resolved under the current administration as even their own allies are asking for change.

Americans deserve far better than what the current administration is subjecting them to.

It is time for a new President and a new administration to take control.

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