Greg Abbott sends a gift to a major Democrat causing total mayhem

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is as conservative as they come. But millions are not going to like what he just did.

Because Greg Abbott sent a gift to a major Democrat causing total mayhem.

Democrat Joe Biden’s open border policy is having a devastating effect on one surprising city in the United States.

During the weekend, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) delivered the state’s tenth bus full of illegal immigrants to Los Angeles. This happened just days after the mayor of Los Angeles attacked Texas for sending migrants.

Democratic Mayor Karen Bass was startled by the arrival of a bus carrying 39 illegal immigrants.

Five days after Abbott’s tenth delivery to the liberal city during Tropical Storm Hillary, he sent another bus with 12 families and 21 children on board.

“LA has not extended an invitation asking for people to come. This is a political act,” Bass said, even though she declared Los Angeles a sanctuary city earlier this year.

Bass labeled Abbott’s behavior as “evil,” saying that he put them in harm’s way amid a downpour.

“This evening, Los Angeles received another bus from Texas. That means that while we were urging Angelenos to stay safe, the Governor of Texas was sending a bus with families and toddlers straight towards us KNOWING they’d have to drive right into an unprecedented storm,” Bass tweeted.

Abbott’s press secretary, Andrew Mahaleris, however, told Fox News Digital that the illegal aliens had signed a waiver of voluntary agreement before boarding the bus.

The Abbott administration’s statement reads:

Migrants willingly chose to go to Los Angeles, having signed a voluntary consent waiver available in multiple languages upon boarding that they agreed on the destination.

With record numbers of illegal immigrants, drugs, and contraband flooding into the country through the southern border, Biden’s open-border policies have created a humanitarian disaster.

Over 30,000 migrants have been transported by bus by the governor of Texas to cities controlled by Democrats.

The Democrats in cities like Los Angeles can complain all they want, but the reality is that they have brought this on themselves.

The southern states like Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona are being overrun and they need help dealing with the illegal immigration that is having devastating effects on their local communities.

Democrat-controlled cities all over the country have labeled themselves as sanctuary cities, so it stands to reason that the illegal immigrants would be welcome in their cities.

But of course, we know that Democrats don’t actually want to deal with the reality of what illegal immigration brings. They just want to use it as a virtue-signaling point for votes with their Leftist voting base.

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