Trump was left completely speechless when this surprising report hit his desk

Former President Trump is on the warpath to the White House. And things are starting to heat up.

But Trump was left completely speechless when this surprising report hit his desk.

Recently, Howie Carr exclaimed that he did not think Trump could be beat “at this point.”

Carr said, “I don’t think there’s any way Trump could be stopped at this point. I mean, especially with as many people as there are in the field, I mean, it’s just going to split it up.”

Carr believes that Vivek Ramaswamy is doing well, and that DeSantis might have some support, however, he does not believe however that Trump can be beaten.

Many of the current issues plaguing America and Americans, are all issues that Donald Trump directly addressed during his presidency.

The economy was arguably at its best point ever, citizens were happy, immigration was under control, and America wasn’t literally on fire.

On top of his proven policies, Trump has a large amount of support from people who think that the Democrats are weaponizing the judicial system.

Many Americans look at what is happening with Trump and are shocked that it is allowed to happen.

Especially when his political rivals have all done the same things that he is being accused of.

The release of Trump’s mugshot at the end of last week proved this point.

The Trump campaign used the image to raise even more support and awareness for their campaign.

The Trump campaign claims they have raised around $7 million in support since Trump’s most recent arrest.

The polls show that Donald Trump has an astonishing lead regardless of what Democrats want people to think.

Trump has the love of the people, proven policies that help Americans win, and a very interesting personality that is easy to get behind.

And now Trump has a decisive lead in the polls, and immense support from the people.

There seems to be very little that anyone can do to stop Trump from receiving the Republican nomination.

Even though the Democrats are doing everything they can to stop Trump from taking office again, it seems like that will be next to impossible.

It appears Trump will be receiving the nomination unless he dies.

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