Joe Biden blindsided by stunning Republican accusation

Biden has faced constant pressure and accusations. Some of them are outrageous, but many of them are true.

And now he has been blindsided by this shocking accusation.

In a recent interview, Senator John Kennedy had some very strong comments regarding the Biden family.

He said that American’s being lectured regarding privilege by the Biden family would be the same as being lectured by Alec Baldwin regarding gun safety.

Kennedy went on further to say that he believes Hunter Biden is the prime example of “privilege.”

“Huntergate is about two things: privilege and sleaze,” Kennedy stated.

“First, the privilege. President Biden and many members of the media lecture us incessantly about the injustice of privilege, especially so-called ‘white privilege.’ But to me, that’s like being lectured about gun safety by Alec Baldwin.”

Senator Kennedy remarked how strange it was that the Biden family spends so much time preaching to the American people about privilege, yet never talk about Hunter.

Kennedy claimed that the millions of dollars that Hunter “earned” were all “earned: through privilege.

He asked, “How smart is it to try to deduct your hookers on your federal income tax? The next time we are lectured about privilege, I want people to remember that.”

Joe Biden claims that he is merely a “devoted father” and that is why so many phone conversations and so much help came from him.

Kennedy, however, believes that “President Biden was well aware of what his son was doing, and he aggressively enabled it.”

Regardless of what you might believe, it is hard to deny that Hunter Biden grew up in a house full of “privilege.”

He also made millions of dollars in foreign countries because of his father’s help as a major politician and then as the Vice President.

Hunter Biden has not had to work hard for things in his life, and it clearly shows.

Whenever there are any issues, he runs crying to his daddy.

That is exactly what we have seen during this “Huntergate” scandal.

Except this time, it may have backfired and incriminated them all.

Joe Biden and his family are surrounded by lies and “privilege.”

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