New liberal justices added to Supreme Court in earth-shattering shift of control

The radical Left is furious about the Supreme Court being in control of conservatives. So they’ve taken extreme measures.

And now new liberal justices being added to the bench are going to have insane consequences.

Over the past year, we’ve seen the U.S. Supreme Court hand down some game-changing rulings on major issues like abortion, gun rights, states rights, and much more.

The ruling in the Dobbs case, in particular, made those on the radical Left extremely upset that there was no longer anything protecting their precious right to end the lives of innocent babies in the womb.

Since then, the Left has been laser-focused on the issue of abortion, claiming that it is their ticket to winning in 2024 in the U.S. House, the Presidential election, and more.

Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but if there’s anything that should concern conservative Americans, it’s what just happened earlier this month in the state of Wisconsin.

You see, conservatives controlled the Wisconsin state Supreme Court for fifteen years until earlier this month when the liberals took back control of the state’s highest court.

Janet Protasiewicz beat her conservative opponent Daniel Kelly in the Wisconsin election to decide the next Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, which tipped the scales in the favor of the liberal justices on the bench.

Daniel Kelly was a former Justice who had already served, meanwhile, Janet Protasiewicz is a newcomer.

What might be concerning for conservatives is that Protasiewicz beat Kelly by more than 11 points in their election, so it really wasn’t all that close. Portasiewicz was open in her support for abortion, which is exactly what the Left wanted to see.

Protasiewicz represented a far-left base that ultimately succeeded in taking back control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court for the first time in fifteen years. The liberals on the bench will be in control of the Wisconsin court for at least the next two years.

The results have already been game-changing in the state.

According to the Washington Post, the new liberal justices have already been trying to strip the conservative chief justice of as much power as possible.

The Washington Post writes:

Within days, the new majority stripped duties from the court’s conservative chief justice and fired its administrative director, a conservative former judge who once ran for the court. The abrupt changes prompted the chief justice to accuse her liberal colleagues of engaging in “nothing short of a coup.” Before long, Republican lawmakers threatened to impeach the court’s newest member.

Conservatives in the state have acknowledged just how big of a loss this is for them.

C.J. Szafir, an executive with the Institute for Reforming Government, called this a “seismic shift” for Wisconsin.

He added that the Left is going to “usher in a very progressive Supreme Court” for the next two years.

Conservatives need to provide real answers to Americans on issues that they are concerned about, of which abortion is just one, if they have any hope of reversing the Leftist takeover.

This is precisely why a candidate like Donald Trump continues to enjoy success in the polls because he still represents a shake-up in American politics and society that millions want to see.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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