The White House erupted in chaos after being caught in this heinous lie

The Biden administration isn’t known for its honesty. They seem to lie whenever they get the chance.

And the White House erupted in chaos after being caught in this heinous lie .

The White House has handled the recent tragedies in Hawaii about as terribly as possible.

From Joe Biden’s response (or rather, lack of one) to their recent lies, the entire handling of the tragic fires has been disgraceful.

The White House and Democrats have been pushing their political agenda and trying to claim that the fires were due to climate change.

However, recent news has exposed that as a lie.

A top White House energy official claimed that the fires were “fueled by climate change.”

The White House has done everything possible to deflect any and all blame.

Senator Ed Markey said, “This is devastating. This is a climate emergency.”

Senator Jeff Merkley tried to phrase the fires as the “new norm” due to “climate chaos wreaking havoc on ecosystems everywhere.”

Other officials proposed that Biden declare a “climate emergency.”

One political leader exclaimed that the “climate crisis is here and it’s killing people.”

However, recent news has come to light that exposes the Democrats and the White House for who and what they are: liars seeking to further divide America.

Hawaii officials have attributed the cause of the fires to failures on the part of the state’s major power company.

In a recent lawsuit, Hawaiian officials claim that Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) “failed to properly down live electrical equipment” in the middle of a red flag windstorm earlier this month.

Due to the failures, downed lines started to spark and caused upwards of three fires on the island.

In a recent statement, Maui County said, “The lawsuit alleges that the Defendants acted negligently by failing to power down their electrical equipment despite a National Weather Service Red Flag Warning on August 7th.”

The power company also failed to properly maintain the power grid and supporting system.

So, not only is there proof that the power company failed to do their due diligence, but there is a current lawsuit that explains all of the details.

And still, Democrats and key White House officials want to blame human-caused climate change.

They are an administration that spews lies and pits people against each other.

They refuse to take any blame for anything and instead are pushing their political agenda on others any chance they get.

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