RINO Republican throws Trump under the bus with one awful betrayal

The witch hunts against Trump don’t only come from Democrats. Sometimes it’s his own party who wants to take him down.

And RINO Republican throws Trump under the bus with one awful betrayal.

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele stated on Friday that if former President Donald Trump wins the 2024 presidential election, he may never leave office.

“Donald Trump, a year before all this began, was telling us, ‘If I lose this election, it’s rigged because I own this election. This is mine. I’m going to be president for as long as I want to be president,'” Steele told an MSNBC panel on Morning Joe.

According to Steele, voters must grasp the consequences of re-electing Trump.

“What the hell you think he’s gonna be trying to do for the next four years?” he said.

“He’s not gonna say, ‘Well, thank you for the four years, I’m ready to move on.'”

“He’s got enough role models, globally, to look at how he can try to lock in his power.”

Steele believes that someone like former Attorney General William Barr will not be present to prevent a “back end” process in the future.

“He’s not gonna have, you know, people who are gonna stand up to him in the FBI or any place else,” according to Steele.

Is Steele really this dense? Has he not been paying attention to the massive amount of FBI corruption and targeting of conservatives?

They organized raids of Donald Trump and everyday, pro-life Americans.

They punted on investigating Hunter Biden until after the 2020 election in an obvious favor to Biden.

They even purge their agents and staffers of any conservatives.

Are we really going to sit here and pretend that the FBI isn’t full of conservative-hating bureaucrats?

Steele went on to ramble about how he thinks Trump will just appoint yes-men.

“He’s gonna put sycophants in place who will nod and say, ‘Yes, sir. How much of this do you want us to take for you?'”

As if Biden hasn’t already done that throughout his entire tenure.

What a joke.

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