Hunter Biden is scrambling to cover up this awful crime

Hunter has been caught in hot water. And things keep getting worse.

Now Hunter Biden is scrambling to cover up this awful crime.

More news has recently come to light showing just how far Hunter Biden has taken things.

It is no secret that Hunter is in hot water and has faced scrutiny in the public eye.

Recent reports show that Hunter Biden hired PR firms to scrub his Wikipedia to paint Hunter in a favorable way.

And interesting twist in this story, is that the PR firm Hunter hired, has also worked for the Ukrainian energy company Burisma which has major ties to the Biden family.

Hunter tried to scrub references to shady dealings, omit certain names, and paint himself in a better picture.

People knew that Hunter was desperate, but to hire PR firms to scrub Wikipedia is more than that;

It’s pathetic.

Just a few weeks after starting work with the PR firm, Hunter’s Wikipedia was totally changed.

Negative references were scrubbed, and extensive passages were added that highlighted Hunter’s volunteer work, political titles, work in government, etc.

It is not uncommon for people to hire Wikipedia editors.

For example, in 2020 Jeffery Zients’ (an advisor to then candidate for president, Joe Biden) page was edited and scrubbed.
However, the lengths at which Hunter has taken to erase all criticism of himself is extreme.

In the Wikipedia article, not long after the PR firm was hired, a certain passage in which Hunter was criticized for his work with Burisma, mysteriously disappeared.

Hunter Biden is desperate for approval, and even more desperate to stay out of jail.

The lengths at which this man goes to ensure his image is only positive, is frankly ridiculous.

Not only did Hunter have these edits made, he made sure they happened in a way which made it appear organic and unaltered.

On top of editing his Wikipedia, Hunter tried to cover up that he had tampered with it.

In May of 2014, “an account called ‘AmeliaChevalier’ edited Hunter’s Wikipedia to delete any reference to ‘disgraced financier Allen Stanford.’”

Hunter Biden is a desperate and pathetic individual who feels the need to scrub the internet of all wrongdoing to avoid disproval and at this point maybe even jail.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics for developments on this story.

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