You’ll never believe what Joe Biden was caught saying on video

President Biden can’t go a day without embarrassing himself in public. But this time, his incoherent rambling has left him in a world of trouble.

And you’ll never believe what Joe Biden was caught saying on video.

The role of President of the United States requires a lot of public appearances.

And despite being in office for two and a half years, and decades in politics before that, Biden has yet to master these appearances without fumbling his words around.

This was the case yet again in a speech on Wednesday to celebrate the first anniversary of the failed Inflation Reduction Act.

During his speech, the President addressed the crowd by saying, “I want to say one thing to your children: I know some really great ice cream places around here, and daddy owes you. Okay? So talk to me afterwards.”

The awkward and forced laughter from the crowd should tell you all you need to know about how those comments were perceived.

And with many characterizing Biden as creepy, this isn’t the first time he’s acted that way towards children.

In 2019 he told a rather grotesque story about children rubbing his legs and jumping on his lap.

President Biden’s obsession with children doesn’t stop there.

“In July, Biden was labeled ‘creepy’ by his critics after he nibbled on a small child before he departed Finland” according to the Daily Wire.

“In June, the White House released a video insisting that Americans’ children collectively belonged to the nation instead of their parents.”

In that video, the President was caught saying, “These are our kids. These are our neighbors. Not somebody else’s kids. They’re all our kids.”

Joe Biden referring to himself as “daddy” shouldn’t come as a shock, considering his claims that the government owns everyone’s children.

And after recently signing an executive order that has the Department of Health provide more sex changes to children, it doesn’t look like his unhealthy obsession will stop anytime soon.

These examples of Biden’s reckless behavior around kids should prevent any parent from letting their child get too close to the President.

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