Joe Biden gave one order that has devastating consequences for America

Biden isn’t concerned with the average American. He’s focused on ramming his agenda through by any means possible.

And now Joe Biden gave one order that has devastating consequences for America.

The immigrant crisis has been all over the news the past few weeks, and Joe Biden is constantly making things worse.

Even as he makes absurd claims about how secure the border is, the border crisis has never been worse.

Border states and sanctuary cities are being overwhelmed.

Illegal immigration and crime are skyrocketing.

And what is Bide doing to solve anything?

Well, he is trying to destroy poor communities even more.

In a recent move, Joe Biden has targeted six poor communities in New Jersey and New York to resettle migrants.

Instead of addressing any problems or sending illegal aliens away, Biden has promised not only to let more in, but he also wants to overwhelm the poor communities of America in the process.

The New York governor is pushing back and has said, “We cannot and will not force other parts of our state to shelter migrants.”

Governor Hochul has proposed that instead, these illegal immigrants receive federal work permits to cut wages for Americans.

Not only would this harm the American economy, but it would allow wealthy Democrat donors cheap labor, renters, and consumers.

So essentially, Biden and the Democrats want foreign aliens to be treated lavishly at the expense of poor working American families.

New Yorkers do NOT want these immigrants moving into their counties and flooding their communities as they have seen happen in New York City.

Costs are skyrocketing across the board, as communities everywhere are severely struggling.

Joe Biden continues to destroy America and will continue to do so until he is removed from office.

He does not care about Americans or their families, but spends more time, money, and effort on destroying their lives just so foreigners can live comfortably in the US.

Shelters are being crowded, jobs are being taken, and benefits are being removed from Americans to give to immigrants.

The people are fed up, and it is time for a change.

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