Radical Liberal leader suggests censoring Americans for supporting Trump

As the Left’s stranglehold on this nation gets tighter and tighter, Americans are wondering if there is any hope. And the Radical Left keeps getting more and more absurd.

And now, a Radical Liberal leader has suggested censoring Americans for supporting Trump.

A political firestorm has engulfed Capitol Hill after Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) launched a formal censure effort against Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) for her public pronouncements regarding the January 6th Capitol riot and former President Donald Trump.

Goldman, a legal mind best known for spearheading House Democrats’ impeachment pursuit against Trump, accuses Stefanik, the current House GOP Conference Chair, of undermining the seriousness of the January 6th events while advocating for those implicated in the attack.

His censure resolution centers on several fraudulent and absurd concerns:

Goldman takes aim at Stefanik’s use of the term “hostages” to describe January 6th detainees.

He views this as an attempt to downplay the gravity of the riot and paint a sympathetic picture of those involved.

However, Stefanik is simply expressing concern for the rights of all Americans, regardless of their alleged offenses, and points to reports of detainee mistreatment that raise legitimate questions about due process.

Goldman criticizes Stefanik’s ethics complaint against Judge Beryl Howell, who oversees the grand jury investigating Trump.

Yet Stefanik is simply upholding judicial ethics by raising concerns about potential bias.

People look at Howell’s past comments suggesting Trump’s re-election could usher in an era of “fascism” and argue that such pronouncements raise legitimate questions about her impartiality.

Goldman further criticizes Stefanik’s unwavering support for Trump and her persistent questioning of the 2020 election’s integrity.

But again, Stefanik is simply exercising her right to free speech and defending the democratic process by demanding fair and transparent elections.

We can point to numerous documented election irregularities and emphasize the importance of ensuring all legitimate concerns are addressed.

It is also absurd that a person would be attacked and censored for who they choose to vote for, yet this is the reality of America under the control of the Radical Left.

Thankfully, Republicans have countered Goldman’s censure salvo with swift and fierce opposition.

Speaker Mike Johnson dismissed the resolution as a “partisan stunt” and accused Goldman of using the process to silence a vocal opponent.

“This is nothing more than a desperate attempt to score cheap political points and distract from Democrats’ own failures,” Johnson asserted.

Stefanik’s office responded with a statement defending her record and accusing Democrats of hypocrisy.

“Elise Stefanik remains a staunch advocate for the rule of law and will not be silenced by these baseless attacks,” the statement declared.

“Democrats are terrified of their impending electoral defeat and are resorting to desperate tactics to suppress dissent.”

Goldman’s censure resolution faces a long and uncertain path.

Whether it survives the initial hurdle of Speaker Johnson’s approval and reaches the House floor for a vote is doubtful.

However, the mere filing of the resolution underscores the deep political fissures within Congress regarding the January 6th events and their enduring fallout.

The censure clash threatens to widen the partisan chasm, leaving observers to ponder whether reconciliation or further escalation awaits on the horizon.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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