Ted Cruz rips into Biden for shocking refusal that nearly cost a life

Joe Biden is a disgrace to this country. Normally his incompetencies aren’t life-threatening.

But now, Ted Cruz rips into Biden for his shocking refusal that nearly cost a life.

This past week, an armed assailant showed up to one of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign events, yet the Secret Service wasn’t there to protect RFK.

Now, Ted Cruz and other top political figures are slamming Joe Biden for not providing secret service protection to RFK.

Ted Cruz specifically says that Joe Biden refuses to do so because he knows that if he provided secret service protection, it would legitimize RFK as a rival for Joe Biden.

Cruz said that “This isn’t a Left or Right issue. The Biden administration should give Robert Kennedy Jr. a security detail, now. Given his tragic family history, both his father and uncle were horrifically assassinated, and this latest serious security incident, Biden shouldn’t mess around.”

However, the Radical Left with Joe Biden at the helm, is doing everything they can to discredit anyone who seeks to challenge Joe Biden for the nomination.

Even though the majority of Americans believe that Joe Biden is too old to run for President and VP Harris’s approval ratings are the lowest of any VP, the left is still forcing the issue.

They are not holding debates, they are not providing secret service for others seeking the nomination, and they are certainly not promoting an even playing field for Democracy to prevail.

The left has already decided that their incompetent puppet president will be the nominee.

RFK Jr. has already made it clear how he feels about the situation.

He has called the Democrat Party’s integrity into question and accused them of not having a level and fair playing field or allowing Democracy to win.

In a recent open letter to the DNC, RFK Jr. had this to say to his own party, “They have compromised the defining democratic principle of one person, one vote through repeated interference in the primary elections. They have hijacked the party machinery and, in recent years, directed the power of censorship onto their political opponents, raising political victory onto the altar in place of honest democracy.”

Kennedy Jr. also claimed the party was “casting out New Hampshire’s votes” and “limiting ballot access in Iowa.”

You know things are bad when candidates are turning against their own party and accusing “the party of the people” of being anti-democracy.

Ted Cruz was right when he said, “The reason I believe the Biden administration hasn’t granted [Secret Service protection] is because if they did, it legitimizes [RFK Jr.].”

The left cannot afford to legitimize any other candidate because the actual voters and the real people who run this country (We The People) are not falling for the Biden trap.

Voters are sick of Biden and will not vote for another 4 years of Joe Biden if there is a better candidate in their party.

So, the Democrats are left with the one choice: eliminate all other political rivals and continue to prop up their ailing President so they can feed him more lines and continue the destruction of our precious country.

Americans deserve far better than this, and it is long past time to vote in a pro-America and pro-the-people president who will lead Americans out of poverty and economic ruin and back into prosperity.

Joe Biden is a disgrace to all Americans and his time in the White House must come to an end.

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