This Democrat destroyed their city with the stroke of a pen

The Radical left constantly proves that they do not care about their own communities. But now they are targeting schools.

And this Democrat destroyed their city with the stroke of a pen.

A private school in downtown Los Angeles, the Academy of Media Arts (AMA), has abruptly shut its doors, leaving students and community members grappling with the repercussions.

The closure, announced in January 2024, stems from what founder Dana Hammond claims are repeated incidents of students being exposed to drug-using and unclothed homeless individuals residing in the same building, the LA Grand Hotel.

This situation has ignited a heated debate, highlighting the Radical Left’s policies once again disrupting the lives of our children.

Established to serve Black and Latino communities, the AMA offered a unique educational experience within the bustling downtown LA environment.

However, its location within the LA Grand, which also houses the Inside Safe homeless shelter program, became a source of concern.

Hammond maintains that upon signing the lease, assurances were made that the homeless population would be relocated.

Yet, students reportedly encountered disruptive behavior, witnessed drug paraphernalia, and even faced interactions with individuals under the influence of substances.

These incidents, according to the lawsuit filed against the hotel owner, created an unsafe and inappropriate learning environment, forcing the closure of the school and leaving approximately 50 students in limbo.

The closure of the AMA is a microcosm of a larger dilemma faced by many urban centers:

How to address the growing issue of homelessness while ensuring the safety and well-being of other segments of the community.

While Hammond emphasizes compassion for the homeless population, he argues that their needs should be addressed in separate spaces, ensuring both students and individuals struggling with homelessness receive the support they require.

Liberals point to the potential benefits of integrated approaches, arguing that schools can play a role in fostering understanding and destigmatizing homelessness.

However, the complexities of managing such shared spaces, potential safety concerns, and resource allocation remain significant hurdles to overcome.

Hammond’s lawsuit against the hotel owner seeks financial compensation for lost tuition and relocation costs.

The legal proceedings will likely bring further scrutiny to the contract terms, safety protocols, and communication surrounding the cohabitation of the school and the homeless shelter within the same building.

Regardless of the legal outcome, the school’s closure has left students and families scrambling to find alternative options, adding to the uncertainty and disruption caused by the situation.

This is yet another example of the Radical Left prioritizing illegal immigrants and addicts over the wellbeing of US citizens and children.

We cannot allow this to continue any longer.

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