This video of Hillary Clinton is causing utter chaos

Hillary Clinton has been making her rounds in the media lately. Many believe she might be trying to stage a comeback for her political career that was derailed in 2016.

That’s why this video of Hillary Clinton that just dropped is causing utter chaos.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is one of the most controversial political figures in modern American history.

Her scandals and the scandals in the Clinton name run far and wide, from Bill Clinton’s Epstein connections to Hillary’s attempts to cover up the Benghazi tragedy.

Many believe her extremely low favorability ratings were eventually her downfall in 2016 as she lost to former President Donald Trump.

In the past couple of years though, Hillary has been seemingly making more media appearances and becoming more active within Democrat and radical Leftist circles.

It’s led some like Dick Morris, the former advisor for Bill Clinton, to argue that she’s preparing to run in 2024 for President.

That idea might have more credibility now than ever.

Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to share a video about the 2024 Presidential election where she accused so-called “Right-wing extremists” are planning to “steal” that election.

Clinton does not back this up with any evidence whatsoever.

“Right-wing extremists already have the plan to steal the next Presidential election,” Hillary Clinton claims.

“And they’re not making a secret of it. The right-wing-controlled Supreme Court may be poised to rule on giving state legislatures… the power to overturn Presidential elections.”

Hillary goes on to argue that since the states might be given more power to certify elections than in recent years, that Republicans would then just steal every Presidential election because many states have strong GOP majorities.

She’s pulling a sleight of hand, though. The Democrats want more federalization of elections to force states to follow the lead of a deep blue state like California.

Republicans in state legislatures like Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Arizona have been leading the way to secure elections from voter fraud by introducing and passing bills on voter I.D. requirements.

Of course, the only people who have to fear voter I.D. requirements are people who shouldn’t be allowed to vote to begin with.

But Democrats have been fighting to prevent these election security laws in state legislatures for the past two years.

Also, Hillary Clinton making this video gives more credibility to the idea that she may be looking to run in 2024 herself.

She chose a very specific time to drop this video and some are arguing that it means she will be announcing a candidacy soon after the midterms.

You can watch the full video below:

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