Trump and Biden both threatened by these surprise candidates

The 2024 election race is heating up, and it looks more and more likely that a Trump v Biden rematch will happen. However, new developments in the race could have a major effect.

And both Trump and Biden have been threatened by surprise candidates.

In a shocking new development two independent presidential candidates, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West, are surging in popularity and threatening the two major party nominees, President Biden and former President Trump.

A recent survey states, “Democrats support Biden 94 – 4 percent and Republicans support Trump 94 – 4 percent. Independents are split, with 45 percent supporting Trump and 44 percent supporting Biden.”

Among independent voters, Kennedy actually leads Biden. This shows that Americans are growing more and more dissatisfied with the two major parties and are looking for an alternative.

Kennedy and West are both well-known and respected figures, and they are both running on platforms that are appealing to independent voters.

Kennedy is a progressive activist who is focused on issues such as environmental protection and social justice and West is a public intellectual who is running on a platform of economic populism.

Kennedy originally ran as a Democrat with hopes to upset Biden, however in recent months he decided to run as an independent.

West was also originally running differently, he was seeking to run for the Green Party, but then he also switched to announce he would be running as an independent.

The biggest question ahead for Kennedy and West is ballot access… both independent candidates will need to gather a number of signatures in all 50 states in order to appear on the ballot.

These polls make it appear that Americans are dissatisfied with the two major parties. The Democratic and Republican parties have become increasingly polarized in recent years, and many voters feel that neither party represents their interests.

Because of this, there has been a major rise in support for third-party candidates, and the polls are showing that independent candidates will play a major role in the election.

The potential impact of the independent candidates on the outcome of the 2024 election is uncertain.

If Kennedy and West are able to maintain their momentum, they could split the vote and make it difficult for either Biden or Trump to win a majority.

This could lead to a close election or even a hung Electoral College.

It is clear that Americans are fed up with the leadership of Joe Biden, and it may be easy for Americans to be discouraged by this new poll that shows Biden leading and independents taking away from Trump.

However, this just shows that Biden is losing support. Many on the Left do not want Biden in the White House for another four years, and countless Democrat voters have decided that enough is enough.

Trump can rally his base and campaign to swing and undecided voters to bolster his support.

And again, while it may be easy for Americans to be discouraged, it has become increasingly clear that no one wants Biden back again.

Trump is leading in many polls and has taken a major victory in a number of key swing states.

Only time will tell what the actual outcome of the election will be, but it is clear that Americans want nothing to do with Joe Biden.

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