Joe Biden receives unexpected and horrifying threat

The White House is in total panic mode. The entire country is in danger.

Because Joe Biden just received an unexpected and horrifying threat.

Many Americans believe that Joe Biden’s biggest weakness has been his foreign policy.

On Joe Biden’s watch, America’s enemies have grown stronger and bolder while the relationships with our allies have grown colder.

Russia has become emboldened enough to wage its near full-out war on Ukraine for more than a year with no sign of slowing down.

China’s rhetoric indicates that they very much plan to invade Taiwan any day now.

All of America’s enemies fear no consequences for their actions right now because Joe Biden appears weak and incompetent.

But there’s one threat that the Biden administration absolutely needs to take seriously, and it comes from Iran.

The Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi targeted both Israel and the United States with new threats on their annual “Army Day” this week.

Raisi threatened to destroy Israeli cities if they perform any hostility against Iran and also said that the U.S. needed to leave from the region entirely.

“The extra-regional and American forces should leave the region as soon as possible because it is in their own interests and the interests of the region,” Raisi said at a military parade on their Army Day.

He said that the “slightest move” from Israel will result in a “severe” response from Iran that will destroy Haifa and Tel Aviv.

“The enemy, especially the Zionist regime, has received this message that the slightest move against the country will invoke a severe response by the armed forces and will be accompanied by the destruction of Haifa and Tel Aviv,” Raisi said.

Iran hasn’t always lived up to its threats in recent years, but Iran has been growing more bold with its threats against the United States and her allies like Israel.

It’s noteworthy that Iran has also admitted to enriching uranium to a point that makes it viable for use in nuclear weapons, a violation of the 2015 deal that Iran had in place with the western nations that Barack Obama brokered.

These threats should absolutely not be taken lightly and there needs to be a real plan to deal with the growing problem that Iran presents.

Russia, China, and Iran have all also enjoyed closer ties in recent years, giving many a cause for concern for a potential major world war to break out.

Hopefully Joe Biden isn’t President if any major conflict arises because it’s unlikely that he would be able to defend the interests of America well at all.

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