This U.S. Supreme Court ruling will change America forever

The Supreme Court has been very busy handling high profile cases. But it doesn't get bigger than this. Because this one U.S. Supreme Court ruling...

Major Democrat makes shocking accusation against Republicans

Democrats have it out for conservatives. They'll stoop to any low to make sure they fall. And a major Democrat made a shocking accusation against...

Host on “The View” exposes herself as a babbling buffoon

The View has never been a very highly regarded show for political commentary. But now they've really stepped in it. Because this host on The...

Greg Gutfeld shares life secret that his fans have been dying to know

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld has become extremely popular very fast. But not everyone knows his background.

And Greg Gutfeld has finally shared a life secret that his fans have been dying to know.

The CNN headquarters is on fire

The far-Left media outlet CNN has had a rough few years. Their demise seems inevitable.

And now the CNN headquarters is on fire after receiving this stunning report.

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