Joe Biden’s connections to China and Russia exposed by major House Republican

President Biden’s cover is gone. Everyone can see him as the fraudulent D.C. swamp creature he is now.

Because President Biden’s connections to China and Russia have been exposed by this major House Republican.

Basic logic suggests that the President of the United States should prioritize the general welfare of the American people.

The President of the United States should not even consider the world’s problems or the radical globalist elites.

But here we have President Joe Biden, who is more concerned with appeasing dictators and criminals all over the world than with what happens to the American people.

Americans are suffering and struggling to make ends meet as rising gas costs deplete whatever savings households had under President Trump.

Add to that the worst inflation our country has seen in a generation, and you begin to realize that Joe Biden has turned our country into a living hell hole.

But, while the American people suffer, he’s out there attempting to strike deals with crooks like Venezuela’s tyrant, Nicolás Maduro.

Given his history, one has to question why Biden is more concerned with foreign dictators and criminals than with the American people.

And once you start connecting the dots, it all starts to make sense.

Foreign money has brought the Bidens millions of dollars.

Hunter Biden has accomplished more outside of the United States than he has within it.

Hunter made $83,333 per month in Ukraine alone due of his name, and they needed a Biden to serve on their crooked board.

Then there was Joe Biden’s brother James, who was arranging agreements with the Chinese in his brother’s name.

In 2018, James Biden earned $65,000 a month from a Chinese consulting firm.

And somewhere in the middle, everyone knows Joe Biden made a quick profit off his name and title as Vice President of the United States.

Finally, one Republican Congressman dared to state the obvious.

Representative James Comer of Kentucky informed Sean Hannity that the Chinese and Russians have compromised Joe Biden.

When asked if he believes Biden is compromised, Comer unleashed this bombshell.

I fear that he is, especially if you look at energy policy. The worst deal that the Biden family made was the deal with China where they were trying to help China get their foot in the door on the American energy industry. Energy policy is national security and Joe Biden could be compromised because of the millions of dollars he’s received from China through his family’s influence peddling.

There’s no denying Comer is correct.

Why else would the Biden Administration be putting the United States in perilous positions and undoing the nation’s decades of progress?

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